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Justice League: Gods and Monsters (Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD)

Starring: Benjamin Bratt, Michael C. Hall, Tamara Taylor, Paget Brewster, C. Thomas Howell, Jason Isaacs and Dee Bradley Baker
Written By: Alan Burnett and Bruce Timm
Directed By: Sam Liu
Studio: Warner Bros. Animation
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In another world and in another time, Superman’s father isn’t Jor-El but rather General Zod, Wonder Woman is a child of the New Gods and Bruce Wayne’s parents stayed home on that fateful night leaving Kirk Langstrom (Man-Bat) to become a vampire Batman. Together the original trinity forms a Justice League of another kind.
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Sublime With Rome – “Sirens”

Record Label: BMG
Genre: Reggae Rock/Hip Hop
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“Sirens” is the follow up to 2011’s “Yours Truly” and with every new release, the band seems to lose a member shortly afterwards.
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Matt Skiba and the Sekrets – “Kuts”

Record Label: Superball Music
Genre: Alternative Rock/New Wave
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Obviously, this is the same Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio fame and obviously this looks like a side project of his! Good times!
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Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room – “Party Adjacent”

Record Label: Asian Man Records
Genre: Rock/Punk
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“Party Adjacent” is the second solo release from Dan Andriano who plays bass on the side for a little band called Alkaline Trio. You’ve probably never heard of them.
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Mephiskapheles – “Mephiskapheles”

Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Ska/Punk/Metal

Holy Hell!!! It’s been waaaaaay too long since there has been new music from the Mephiskapheles. Their last album “Might-Ay White-Ay” hit the record store shelves back in 1999 when things like record stores still existed.
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Biffers – “Frankie Road”

Record Label: Greenway Records
Genre: Punk/Rock
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Keeping up on the international punk scene is a hard thing to do. The Biffers hail from Livorno, Italy and make me wish that it were easier to discover bands from abroad.
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The Young Rochelles – “Know The Code”

Record Label: Greenway Records
Genre: Punk

Hailing from Long Beach, New York, the Young Rochelles are most definitely influenced by New York’s prodigal punk rock son Joey Ramone as well as the 90s pop punk sound.
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The Meow Meows – “Friends On Benefits”

Record Label: Jump Up Records
Genre: Ska
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“Friends On Benefits”…a three song EP that comes standard on vinyl but includes a digital release…is the latest release from this UK ska/soul outfit.
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Workaholics: Season 5 (Blu-ray)

Starring: Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm
Written By: Kyle Newacheck, Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm
Directed By: Kyle Newacheck/Various
Studio: Paramount
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Adam, Blake, Anders and the rest of the TelAmeriCorp crew are back for a fifth season of the workplace comedy. Funeral crashing, 80s trivia, kids in the workplace and the Workaholics origin are some of the powerful topics that are addressed in season 5.
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Isotopes – “Nuclear Strikezone”

Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Pop Punk/Baseball Punk
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The Isotopes, who are also sometimes known as the Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club, are a pop punk band hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia. They also describe their sound as something that I have honestly never heard before…baseball punk. Obviously they have a thing for punk rock, baseball and creating kick ass songs.
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East End Radicals – “Zero Hour”

Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Punk/Celtic Punk
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The East End Radicals have a working class mentality and a punk rock attitude and when those two mix it’s usually a good thing. “Zero Hour” is no exception to this rule.
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Slightly Stoopid – “Meanwhile…Back at the Lab”

Record Label: Stoopid Records
Genre: Various
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It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Stoopid boys released their last album “Top of the World”. In fact, it’s only been three years…which at my age is a long time. 2015 sees the band escaping from their musical laboratory to unleash some new tunes upon the world with their newest release titled “Meanwhile…Back at the Lab”.
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