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Creature’s Corner: The Inside Scoop on Upcoming Marvel/DC Movies

Since there are waaaay too many upcoming superhero movies being released in the near future for your average movie-goer to catch them all, I’ve decided to reach out to some of my contacts at Marvel and DC as well as some of my good friends in Hollywood to help you guys out. Here is a brief synopsis to each and every comic book movie that is in the works.
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Hub City Stompers – “Life After Death”

Record Label: Stubborn Records
Genre: Ska

After a year or so merging with/reforming Inspecter 7, the Hub City Stompers are back with the aptly titled “Life After Death”.
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The Taj Motel Trio – “4 Songs, 7 Inches”

Record Label: Metal Skunk Records
Genre: Ska/Punk

Being that it’s been quite a long time since the TMT last released an album…that being 2007’s awesomely awesome “Part of the Problem” full length, it’s great to see that the band is still making music and making it well.
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The Taj Motel Trio announce new EP titled “4 Songs, 7 Inches”

Georgia based ska punkers The Taj Motel Trio are set to release a new EP digitally and on vinyl.
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Creature’s Corner: October 2014…When Comic Book Movie News Broke the Internet Part Three: Fox & Sony Movies (Marvel’s Red-Headed Stepchild)

With Marvel’s shared cinematic universe being all the rage these days, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and try to tie their completely separate movie franchises together for some reason or another…mainly money.  While Fox owns the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises and Sony owns everything Spider-Man there just doesn’t seem to be much of a universe for either studio to share.
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Creature’s Corner: October 2014…When Comic Book Movie News Broke the Internet Part 2: The Mighty Marvel Machine

Having been at it since 2008, moviegoers can no doubt admit that Marvel knows how to make comic book movies. While there have been complaints about particular movies not living up to previous entries and your typical nerd-rage stuff here and there, every single movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made a lot of money. A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of money. They have turned making comic book movies into an art form that the critics aren’t going to be able to ignore for much longer.
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Left Alone – “Harbor Area”

Record Label: Smelvis Records/Hellcat Records
Genre: Punk/Ska
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It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years since the last full length from Left Alone. These SoCal boys have done it once again with an album that tops their previous album…which was pretty damn hard to do.
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Sharkanoid – “Have A Great Summer”

Record Label: Community Records
Genre: Punk

Deciding to take a quick breather from the ska scene, Dan Potthast (MU330, Dan P and the Bricks) and Rick Johnson (Mustard Plug) got together and formed a pop punk band. Who’da thunk it?
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The Bruce Lee Band – “Everything Will Be Alright, My Friend”

Record Label: Asian Man Records
Genre: Ska Punk
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For me, when Mike Park releases new music it’s like a national holiday. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen often but fortunately, when it does it is a cause for celebration.
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Backyard Superheroes – “Self-Titled”

Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Ska/Punk/Pop
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Backyard Superheroes are a 28-piece ska and pop punk influence band hailing from the Garden State. Well, they may not actually have 28 band members but it sure does sound like it as they have a ska punk sound that harkens back to the early 90s ala Skif Dank, early Less Than Jake or Sucka Punch.
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Beebs and Her Money Makers – “Würst Album Ever”

Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Ska
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Naming your album “Würst Album Ever” shows the confidence in your band and your musical talents…or your undying love for hot dogs and sausages. Ironic as it may be, this release is far from “Würst Album Ever”. It is in fact one of the most fun and entertaining albums of this year.
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