Trailers: Super Bowl 2013 Trailers & Commercials

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Yeah there’s a football game happening right now, but I’m not really paying attention to that. There has been some decent trailers shown so far like : Star Trek Into Darkness, The Lone Ranger, Oz: The Great & Powerful, a funny The Walking Dead commercial, The Big Bang Theory and others! World War Z and Fast & Furious 6 just look stupid. But man, I can’t wait to see Star Trek Into Darkness. Besides the Hobbit Part II, that’s the movie I need to see this year.

I thought the best ones I’ve seen were of Star Trek and The Walking Dead. Maybe It’s because I like the movie and the TV series…Although Oz The Great & Powerful looks like it has potential. Another Fast & Furious movie is just unnecessary.

Star Trek Into Darkness:

Iron Man 3:

The Walking Dead:

The Lone Ranger:

Oz The Great and Powerful:

Fast & Furious 6:

World War Z:

The Big Bang Theory:


Under The Dome

I’ll update with more trailers if they pop up online….


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