inblackandwhite “Say We Are Not Brothers EP”

Album Reviews | By on February 7, 2007

Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Post-Punk
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Of all the albums I’ve been given to review, I have to say that I like inblackandwhite’s album art the most. It’s relatively simple, a sleeve with one of those old-fashioned diagrams of a dude’s face and he looks to be in pain. I guess that’s because the band really don’t live up to their artwork. That’s not to say that they’re bad, but they play a pretty standard post-punk/indie rock. You know, two guitars, low-voiced manly singer, and an eternal love for Fugazi. These guys are probably better than most of those bands that take from the same sound; their songs are well constructed and the playing is good, and when both singers “harmonize” (or sing really loud at the same time) it sounds pretty nice, but I just know that when I stop listening to them, I’ll have no desire to come back to their stuff.

Fortunately, inblackandwhite have the potential to break out of the sameness. They write decent enough songs and have pretty album art. I’d be curious to see what they could do on a full length album. I’m hoping that it’ll be something that will make them stand out.


Bottom Line: Same old post-punk, at least it’s done relatively well.
Notable Tracks: The Fire of Triumph and We are Still Cold, This Is The Machine
Overall Rating: -1

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