About Us

ReadJunk.com is an entertainment website (blog, zine, whatever you want to call it) that has been around for over 25 years give or take.  The main focus of ReadJunk is to serve our readers with daily news and reviews. Other features on ReadJunk include: articles on various topics, interviews with bands, actors and comedians. There’s also a podcast that we do from time to time.

The site focuses on the Northeast but that’s not to say that other parts of the country or the world get overlooked. If there is something going on over on the West Coast or even in the UK, ReadJunk will post about it. The website is run by one person for the most part and he tries his best to post as much as he can. Our main goal is to inject some humor into our postings but give our audience something informative to read as well.

And no, pay no attention to those sites that says we are worth 6 million.