10 Easter Eggs Hidden in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

Articles | Apr 19th, 2015

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By now, you have seen the incredible trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In fact, you’ve probably seen it a dozen times, each time enjoying glimpses of familiarity – Darth Vader’s crushed mask, the Millennium Falcon, Han and Chewie.

Yes, all obvious. But Joss Whedon went the extra distance and buried tons of Easter eggs for the hardcore fan. Many have already been discovered, but we here at ReadJunk found even more.

1. Eight seconds in, the Lucasfilm logo begins to appear. If you pause it at just the right moment and look at the emerging logo in a mirror, you will catch a glimpse of a smiling Yoda.

2. What is the vehicle that appears at screen left and continues past the dunes for a few seconds? Magnify it and then laugh at Joss’ playfulness – it’s the same car that the young James T. Kirk drove in the Star Trek reboot!

3. Just before the dune scene goes black, look at the left-most dune. You can very faintly see Boba Fett’s arm sticking out with his iconic pistol – did he survive the fall into Sarlacc’s mouth??

4. It’s great seeing R2D2 at the 45-second mark, but carefully notice his blinking red-and-blue eye. If you repeat that pattern three times, you get the Morse Code message for “evil.”

5. In the scene where Luke is handing Leia the lightsaber, there’s a faint and blurry image of a penis in the background a la the castle in Little Mermaid. Hey, not all Easter eggs are relevant. Maybe Joss Whedon or someone on the set was just having some fun.

6. Queue “This Christmas” title card. It’s not just coincidence that the movie opens on Christmas day. The date of Christmas this year is 12-25-15. 122515 is the number on the side of Luke’s X-Wing.

7. Stormtroopers stand in salute in front of a strange logo at 1:12. That same logo has been used to represent none other than the Temples of Syrinx – from, you guessed it, the album 2112. While it’s unlikely that Rush plays a role in the film, the story from that concept album is about oppression and an unexpected discovery that begins the dismantling of a futuristic hegemony.

8. At 1:21 is an adorable cameo of the robot from Disney’s The Black Hole.

9. When Leia’s daughter holds out her hand for the soldier, a pale ring can be seen on her ring finger (slightly hidden by her pinky). If you magnify it and sharpen the image, it appears the ring has the face of C3PO!

10. Not only is Chewbacca holding a space crossbow, but over his shoulder you can see three portholes. Look closely in the middle one – it’s the Death Star!

Which Easter Eggs have you found? Add yours to the comments section!


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