2007: Year of the Pregnant

Articles | Dec 23rd, 2007

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The only thing funnier than hearing about 16-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy is watching Jason Reitman’s film Juno a pitch-perfect comedy about a pregnant 16-year-old. I wonder if there was some kind of secret cabal conspiring to plan the release of the film and the tween star’s “shocking revelation” at the same time. All this, especially, after the huge success of Knocked Up. This has become the year where pregnant becomes chic. Hell, even Nicole Richie is pregnant. Paris can’t be because by the time the child would be born, it would be twice her weight.

What I find most amusing about Spears’ pregnancy is how it has been handled in the press. Everybody has been so tame thus far – you can tell that every journalist in the world secretly wants to make some kind of snarky comment but has to hold it in for the sake of journalistic integrity. Not me. I can laugh my ass off. I mean come on, remember the hubbub about Britney not wanting to lose it before marriage? And how her mom is supposed to be this amazing, all supportive hero? I mean, there had to have been a Lifetime movie about her or something.

Which brings me to Juno, a film about a family dealing with a teen pregnancy. Unlike the Spears family, who are selling their story for as much money as they can get, Juno is a modest, spunky teen who learns more from the pregnancy experience than Jamie Lynn ever will. For her, if anything, her career with the tween target audience is over, she’ll make tabloid fodder for years to come. Her child will already be five years old when she is legal drinking age. If the tradition continues in her family, she could be a GMILF by the time she’s 32. Does nobody else see the hilarity there?

One other funny thing I couldn’t help but point out was that at this time last year Keisha Castle-Hughes, the Australian teen star of the Nativity Story, was, then 16, pregnant. It was the exact same situation as Jamie Lynn is in, except it received far less fanfare. For her, a career in film is all but over, instead leaving her to take care of her baby. For Jamie Lynn, I can see at least one reality show, if not more.

The biggest issue with this information of Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy is that many parents will not know how to talk about it with their children. I read an article where Nickelodeon stated that it would be a good idea to talk about it with children. But I can tell you right now, many kids just won’t understand. I’m pretty sure mos of the children watching the show aren’t from areas with high teen pregnancy rates or limited parental supervision. Some of these kids genuinely won’t understand why she’s pregnant when she’s not even done high school. It sets up a whole generation of confusion. Personally, I think it’s really important to introduce sex education as young as possible. I’m more of the belief that kids should be exposed to greater parts of the real world so that it won’t hit them as hard in the future. But I mean they didn’t even have a “on a very special Zoey 101…” You have to at least give the kids that.