5 Albums I Have Been Listening To A Lot (September 2008)

Articles | Sep 5th, 2008

Albums I'm Listening To

When I hear a new CD, I can’t seem to stop listening to it until I pretty much ram it into the ground. I never used to be that way because I didn’t want to get sick of that CD so quick. But in my older age, I can’t help it I guess. I listen to a lot of music at home and at work, but these are the top 5 new & old albums I have been listening to a lot:

1. The Levellers Letters from the Underground (On The Fiddle)
I’ve been waiting for this album for 3 years; pretty much after Truth & Lies. Their last album was good but this one is simply fantastic. There’s not one bad song on it, and if you buy the extended CD, you’ll get an extra 3 songs on it. I love the song The Everyday. Plus you’ll get the video for Burn America Burn as well! I honestly think this is their best album since the brilliant album Zeitgeist. That’s not to say that the albums after that have been horrible but that album was just phenomenal. And now so is Letters from the Underground!
Check Out: A Life Less Ordinary, Before the End, Burn America Burn
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2. Gaslight Anthem The 59 Sound (Side One Dummy)
It was a toss up between the Levellers and the Gaslight Anthem as my favorite album of the year. It still might be a tie come December time. All I know is this album is incredible and is very unique. the 59 Sound has been played nonstop on my mp3 player and will continue to be played for quite some time. There is a buzz around these guys and I’m thinking they are going to get extremely popular like Gogol Bordello has (labelmates). The first few songs on the album are excellent and so are the songs towards the end as well. I really like when the band slows it down and gives us a song like Here’s Looking At you Kid. These guys are the real deal and everyone will know who they are by the end of the year.
Check Out: Great Expectations, The 59 Sound, Here’s Looking At You Kid
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3. Grand Archives Grand Archives (Sup Pop Records)
Grand Archives features ex-guitarist Mat Brooke of Band of Horses. The band plays mellow Indie rock and I love it! It took me a few listens to get into this album, but once that happened; I became a Grand Archives fan. Miniature Birds is a song that will be stuck in your head for a month. The song is so catchy, and I just whistle the beat all the time. I probably drive everyone around me crazy. I can’t tell which I like better, Band of Horses or Grand Archives. I guess they’re two different bands so I can’t really make that comparison. If you’re into Indie rock though, give the Grand Archives a listen!
Check Out: Miniature Birds, Index Moon, Sleep Driving
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4. Pat Kelly Vintage Series: Pat Kelly (VP Records)
Pat Kelly is an old time Rocksteady singer who used to sing in the Techniques. Then he went solo, which is the material I really dig. I saw Pat Kelly at the Vintage Reggae Fest at Hammerstein Ballroom last December. I never even heard of him before but after that I got a few of his records. His Vintage Series: Pat Kelly album contains all the good songs like “Dark End of the Street” and “How Long.” What I love about Pat Kelly is that he sounds like Sam Cooke & other Motown singers; but in a Rocksteady way. Fans of old school reggae & Rocksteady should check out Pat Kelly if you haven’t already.
Check Out: Dark End of the Street, How Long
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5. Tim Armstrong A Poet’s Life (Hellcat Records)
Tim Armstrong of Operation Ivy and Rancid released a solo album last year but this is really the first time I heard it. It’s actually a fantastic album because it’s Tim with the Aggrolites. How cool is that!? It’s also excellent car driving music. Blare this album with the windows down and annoy the people next to you at the traffic light. But I really hope Tim continues to do more music like this because his style of singing fits this dirty reggae/soul sound. I actually like this album more than Rancid!
Check Out: Wake Up, Hold On, Into Action
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