A Tribute to Keanu Reeves: Histories Greatest Actor

Articles | Apr 7th, 2007

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Ask any common person on the street who is history’s greatest actor, and you’ll probably get some generic ignorant responses like “that guy who was in that Shakespeare movie” or “That guy that won all those Oscars” or some other uninformed answer. But those of us True Movie Buffs know who the real greatest actor ever is, and it is Keanu Reeves.

You knew he was up for greatness when he was named after a Hawaiian King, but who knew that this dude would be a two-time Savior of Mankind?! Or even the Savior of a Speeding Bus! Hahaha, that movie so rocked!

Anyway, it all started when he was cast as Ted “Theodor” Logan in a little known movie called, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. This was his first taste of Saviorisness as he and his friend Bill traveled thru time in a British police box to collect historical figures and eventually form the band whose music would lead to world peace. Yeah! Let’s see YOU do that, you jerk! And here he got to work with AND upstage famous comedian George Carlin! Wow!

Afterwords he appeared in some lesser known movies like Parenthood, Point Break and River’s Edge, and also an even more excellent sequel to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure entitled, Bill And Ted’s Bogus Adventure, before appearing as the shining star of an amazing ensemble cast in Bram Stroker’s Dracula. Here he outshone such A-list horror icons as Anthony Hopkins, Gary Oldman and super-rocker Tom Waits. This was also the first of two times that he got to score with Super Hottie Monica Belluci! Yow! Plus he scored with pre-convict Winona Ryder! And remember that scene with Wolfy Dracula and the redhead? Sure Keanu wasn’t in it but it was really hot anyway! Redheads are the bestest.

Soon came one of his biggest hits, Speed, in which he saved the pre-mentioned Speeding Bus. Here he outshone such A-list drama powerhouses as Jeff Daniels, Alan Ruck, Carlos Carrasco and Oscar winning best actress Sandra Bullocks. Plus there was that part that he totally told Dennis Hopper that he was taller than him after decapitalizing him! LOL that was great! Probably the greatest cinema moment of the 90s!

But he wouldn’t harness true superstardom until he adapted his now-famous “Zen Approach To Movie Acting”, or Acting Without Acting. We got our first glimpse of this Amazing method in Devil’s Advocate where we could truly see the depths of his character’s horror reflected in his too-stunned-to-have-expression reactions to Al Pacino’s Devil. When we saw that, we really felt it in the pit of our stomach!

But next came his second Savior of Humankind role as Neo in The Matrix, which blasted him from Superstardom to Ultra-Superstardom! Here his Acting Without Acting method hit its glorious peak as he portrayed the Ultimate Zen hero Neo in a world of crazy-ass kung-fu robots and creepy bald guys and stuff. By letting go of the world, of the reality, of all emotion, he showed that he was truly the dedicated spiritualist needed to overcome the Evil Soulless Robots and save the world.

But after that huge blockbuster Keanu wisely chose to take a supporting villainous part in Sam Rimi’s The Gift. You might not remember him being in that movie because it ended with Naked Katie Holmes, and that was before she became a robotic Scientologist babymaking sex slave and people actually wanted to see her naked back then, man was she hot! But yeah, if you watch the rest of the movie, Keanu appears as an evil wife-beating redneck jerkass! Now most hack actors would try to act all rough gruff and crazy, but not Keanu, and here’s where his amazing zen acting REALLY reaches its stride. He doesn’t need to go overboard with the cheesy acting. He just grows a beard and wears a flannel and BOOM! We know he’s an evil wife-beating redneck, and his lack of expression or emotion makes it All The More Chilling.

And now that he’s an Ultra Mega Super Star, you know the rest of the story: two more Matrix movies, each more astonishingly brilliant than the last (and once again he totally scores with Monica Belluci! What a fox!) and another go-round against the devil, this time as John Constantine the Hellraiser. Afterward he has brilliantly used his brilliant choices to make some more little movies like Lake House and Scanner Darkly.

But What does the future hold for this amazing brilliant zen actor? Who knows for sure? But I don’t think ANY of us will be surprised if his future holds those two long-deserved magic words: Acadamy Award!