Alphabetical Summer Movie Bonanza Binge

Articles, Featured | Jul 7th, 2024

Alphabetical Summer Movie Bonanza Binge

Do you ever struggle to find something to watch on TV? You just endlessly struggle to find a TV series to start or a movie to begin. Then just give up and go back to watching The Office or Seinfeld. I decided to do something different this Summer.

After hockey ended for me, I started an Alphabetical Summer Movie Bonanza Binge! My brother and I own over 2,000 movies on Vudu – err Fandango at Home, and I never know what to watch. There’s a lot I never saw and I own the movies. Since the beginning of June, I’ve been watching movies in alphabetical order that I’ve never seen before but I guess it started numerically since there were a lot of movies with numbers first. 13 Going 30 was the first one, which for me, was a chore to get through for the very first one.

Since the beginning of June, I’ve watched 41 movies I’ve never seen before and has given me new life with what to watch. I’m no longer struggling to find something to watch and it’s been a fun way to discover movies you’ve never seen before. I used to do this with bands and albums, listening to them alphabetically at work (when I used to work and be in an office) because it just becomes stale listening to the same stuff over and over.

My job these days is as a real estate photographer and music photographer, so when I’m back at home and photo editing. I put a movie on the iPad and watch whatever is next, instead of listening to music. I think I only skipped one movie since my brother accidentally bought some Christian type of movie that I wasn’t even going to sit through for 2 hours. Sorry, I don’t give a crap about Kurt Warner.

I’ve been logging all my movies on Letterboxd (, and I’m doing quick mini reviews of everything I’ve been watching so follow along and see what movie is next for me!

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