Bands You Should Know: The Misfits

Articles | Sep 30th, 2007

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If you’re reading this on ReadJunk, you’re likely into punk rock. And if you’re into punk rock, there is one band you should know about: The Misfits.

Chances are, you’ve already heard them and just didn’t know it. When Halloween comes around, the song “Monster Mash” is everywhere. (“He did the mash! The monster mash!” That one.) Little did you know, that’s the Misfits, and believe it or not – that’s their worst song.


The Misfits were formed in the mid-1980s and were the first band to combine horror lyrics, monster movies, and rock n roll. Their early sound was raw, loud, and as scary as their lyrics. Much of it you couldn’t make out due to Henry Rollins’ slurring and drippingly evil delivery. But the music was fun – zippy guitars, thumping bass, simple drums, and an overall menace that would send chills down your spine!


Rollins left the band a long time ago and the band laid dormant for awhile, not unlike the vampires they sang about. Then, like a zombie, they rose from the dead with a number of new singers. They are currently fronted by none other than Joey Ramone.

Interesting Facts

– The band named themselves after the 1961 zombie movie of the same name, starring Marilyn Monroe. The Misfits are huge Monroe fans and have a song called “Who Killed Marilyn Monroe.”

– The Misfits have influenced a huge number of more successful horror punk bands, like My Chemical Romance and AFI. They also ghostwrote (no pun intended!) a Metallica song.

– The Misfits were the first band to have a skull for a logo, which their record label reportedly did not like.

– Although they sing about dark, horrible, Satanic things, Misfits members were comprised of devout Christians and a Jew.

– When he left the band, Rollins started a band called Danzig before he gained popularity with his solo music and acting careers.


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