Beastie Boys Sucks Hate Mail #1

Articles | May 18th, 2007

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Some people simply can’t respect an honest opinion. Below is a sampling of the closed-minded emails we’ve received because we dared to point out some unpleasant facts about a popular band.

From: [email protected]
Subject: Beastie Boys Suck?

Dear Adamo elGuapo,

I hope that you really aren’t an editor. You would think if you were going to write an article bashing anyone, you would do your research first– especially considering the vast amounts of literature penned about the Beastie Boys over the past 25 years.

Let’s begin with your invitation for the Beastie Boys to go to Brooklyn. Doubtful the Beasties even need an invitation to go to that borough since they were born and raised in Brooklyn. I’m also disappointed in your claim that the Beastie Boys don’t play their own instrauments, and thus cannot be called a band. Funny you say that, since they started off (in Brooklyn) as a punk band, playing their own instrauments. You should listen to the albums “Some Old Bull Shit,” “The In Sounds from Way Out” and “Check Your Head” if you want to hear the Beasties playing their own instrauments. Actually, why don’t you just put on any of their albums (sans “Paul’s Boutique”) to hear the Beastie Boys, the band. If you need further proof the Beasties can play their own instrauments, simply watch any one of their concerts– they always play a half-hour instraumental set.

I could launch into a thesis about how “Paul’s Boutique” is perhaps the most influential rap album of all time, but I’ll stop wasting my breath arguing a point that needs no defense. Like them or not, the Beastie Boys are talented and revolutionary musicians who have helped guide music to where it is today. You would, of course, know this if you actually listened to the Beastie Boys.


PS- FYI: LL Cool J is NOT white.

El Guapo responds: I only skimmed your letter, and some of it was absolutely ridiculous, almost beneath response. “Paul’s Boutique” is the most influential rap album? Yeah, I guess that’s why I’ve never heard of it. Go pick up Jay-Z’s The Black Album and learn something about hip hop.

From: [email protected]
Subject: Ignorance isn’t bliss

I just read your article about the Beastie boys. All I could say is that you are IGNORANT and the band. You come off only knowing the radio songs. Try listening to their second album. There are more then 400 samples on it, most of it I imagine you wouldn’t get. On top of that, they are (not were) one of the most influential bands out there. And yes they are a band. They PLAY their own instruments, and coming from someone who plays 4 instruments himself, and are quite talented at them. Plus, you hypocrite, 50 cent and fat Joe don’t play anything but are talented in their own right. I would imagine that fat Joe would agree with me about their influence and give them the respect they deserve.

P.S. try listening more then just the radio before you go slandering other people and bands.

El Guapo responds: You talk an awful lot about respect for someone bashing a visionary like Fat Joe. The only one slandering people is YOU.

From: [email protected]
Subject: beastie boys suck

it is true some of their songs are for the white meat head masses of suburbia but just because they “dont play instruments” means they suck or aren’t a band… they’re not. they’re a rap group. also mike d and mca did infact come from brooklyn and ad-rock did infact come from manhattan. they all were lower-middle class. they do what they do and sing their songs uniquely and because they want to. the beats they come up with are, in my opinion, pretty bad. other songs like “no sleep til brooklyn” or “paul revere” and catchy and the boys can flow. to say they suck is you opinion ok, but sickin’ 50 or fat joe on them would be stupid because never has the BB ever said they were thugz or grew up homeless. rappin’ makes them happy and they do it to entertain. they can choose their fanbase. if frat boys tend to like the music well damn… not their fault.

that was my rebutle, thanks for listening,
chad the infamous

El Guapo responds: Hi Chad, sounds like you agree with me. Glad to see someone with brains is visiting this site for once.

From: [email protected]
Subject: Yo!

I was surfin the net and found this Beastie Boys dis article. The person who wrote it says his name is Adamo El Guapo! News flash! The Beastie Boys do play there own instruments, L.L.Cool j is black,Im a 50 cent fan, and MCA is from Brooklyn. Nice job on dissing one of hip hops greatest groups. Oh and bye the way, tune into VH1 on Oct.17th. @ 9pm. The Beastie Boys are one of the honorees on the 3rd annual Hip Hop honors!

El Guapo responds: What are you, part of a VH1 street team? Yeah, the Beastie Boys must be REAL cool if VH1 is honoring them! Doesn’t VH1 just play Phil Collins videos?

From: [email protected]
Subject: None

not only do the beastie boys play instruments they are masters of
more than one type of music (they started as a punk band). try
listening to “the in sounds from way out” also just in general you
need to pull your head out of your ass (a task that may require the
use of power tools). shouldn’t you be going through your midlife
crisis or something?! leave writing about music to people who listen
to it.

if your article was a joke sry, i didn’t get it.

El Guapo responds: Why are you so obsessed with my head, ass, and power tools? Get a life, freak.

From: [email protected]
Subject: Beastie Boys

I read your article on the Beastie Boys and let me start by stating that it is obviously your right to not like them, but you really should get your facts straight. First of all their first album was huge as far as being a cross over album, go back to the time, white people were for the most part were not listening to rap, you can also give Run DMC credit for this. Paul’s Boutique, their second album was creative genius and has a tremendous amount of great sambles on it and because of the cost of sampling today probably would not be made in this day and age (try listening to it on headfones). On Check Your Head and Ill Communication they did play their instruments. Hello Nasty also had some great sampling on it, although I like the album, I know many think the lyrics are weak. Their last album was not so great, but you did not even aknowledge a recent album. As for them being from New York, they are, Adam Horovitz grew up in the Village, his father is a famous playwrite, Mike Diamond grew up I believe in the Upper West side of Manhattan and Adam Yauch grew up in Brooklyn. They were part of the New York punk scene when they first started as a band, that is why in the Fight For Your Right video there are people from Hard Core bands in the video (members of Murphy’s Law) And by the way LL Cook J last time I looked was not white.

El Guapo responds: I tried to figure out your point, but then realized you don’t have one. Makes me wonder if Beastie Boys fans can put together even one coherent sentence.

From: [email protected]
Subject: throw in the towel


If you purport to be a learned figure in the world of music and youth culture –
its time to give it up.. your article on the Beastie Boys shows a complete lack
of understanding of their music, culture, or hip hop in general. The Beastie
Boys epitomize new york cool. they have held it down – setting trends for 20
years now. 50 cent? is there a single ounce of originality in anything he

you know nothing.

go back – study some music history – and listen LISTEN to some music – check the
samples the beasties are using, check WHEN they were using them. See what other
people were using – and then what they used after Paul’s boutique.

and get your head out of your ass.

El Guapo responds: That’s hilarious that you think I should STUDY music. If you have to learn about music from books to appreciate it, THEN IT’S NOT GOOD TO BEGIN WITH!


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