Bryan: The Ghost Hunter

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I’ve heard the stories, I’ve driven pass the place, but now I wanted to experience the [_______] School in [insert town here]. Since they are knocking the place down for a park (Haunted Park perhaps?), and other things, I’ve gone there three times in the last few weeks. Nothing really happened there but it’s still fun to go. Hopefully they’re aren’t any cops reading this haha…If there are, then um, I wasn’t there. These were just stories that were told to me. Yeah yeah, that’s it!

I think I’m more afraid of trespassing or getting caught by the cops then actually seeing any ghost at the school. The place is still freakin’ scary though and I definitely don’t get a good vibe from certain parts of the [_______]. The first time I went was the scariest, and we only went on the first floor of the school. It was scary because I never been there before. So going into a building you never been in before, and in the dark, is some scary shit. I’m scared of my own apartment in the dark and that’s brand new so you can just imagine how much of a pussy I am! Though I don’t think I was scared as much as I thought I was going to be, because we had a huge group from the diner going with us. Yeah, it’s not smart trespassing with a group of 20 kids, and a building that’s across the street of a Government Center. Did I mention we aren’t smart?

We split into two groups and went through the woods. Everytime a car went driving by, we had to turn off the flashlights. Which freaked me out even more since I hate being outside in the dark and you can’t see in front of you. I was taking pictures like crazy with my fancy digital Nikon camera. I was pissing people off because my flash is so bright, it makes people get all freaked out and scared. I have to say “Flash” before I snap a picture. I guess it doesn’t help taking pictures outside when the cops could be seeing that from the road. The two groups got inside and made our way into the auditorium. Which looked straight out of ‘A Clockwork Orange,’ when Alex and his droogies fought Billy Boy and his gang. It would make a perfect photo op for some oi! band haha. Of course I had to go quoting the movie left and right when I was in there. “COME GET IT IN THE YARBLES, IF YOU HAVE ANY YARBLES!” While I was inside, I couldn’t help myself, do an Australian accent and call myself the Ghost Hunter, instead of the Crocodile Hunter. “Today kids, we’re looking for some ghosts! I’m talking about full-on apparitions, poltergeist and maybe even witness a real exorcism! Crocky!” Yeah I’m a dork but I couldn’t help myself act like an idiot when I’m sort of scared.

We walked around the bottom level a little bit and walked down the creepy hallway. I snapped pictures in and out of rooms and other hallways, hoping to capture something on camera. I couldn’t see anything in the digital camera view thingie but maybe I’ll find something later on the computer. We went to the Chapel part, from what I understand, is where a lot of ghost-like activity happens. I think Lauren said she heard footsteps behind them when walking in there once. Plus people always capture smoke apparitions on camera when in there. I took some pictures in the chapel but didn’t really capture anything. Some people were getting a freaky feeling so we got out of there. The big flashlight that Lauren had, which was awesome by the way, was starting to die so we boogied out of the building because I wasn’t going to be stuck in the building without a good flashlight. I brought a flashlight but it wasn’t exactly that great. Though, my flash on my camera was a decent flashlight. We all went outside the school and went around the back. We were chilling out there, just talking and then Lauren jumped and told everyone to start walking. Apparently, she saw a kid standing in the window of the building but I’m not sure she saw anything. Lauren will get all jumpy if she saw a firefly hahaha. But we all left the [_______] and went our separate ways. “Someday love will find you, Break those chains that bind you”… Sorry, Journey got stuck in my head for a minute. Later on that night, I looked at the photos and noticed something in the window, in the front of the building. It looked like someone standing in the window, well it appeared that way, so I wanted to go back there to debunk it.

2 weeks later, we took another trip to the [_______]. The group went the previous week but I was at the beach and too busy winning money on nickel slots at Atlantic City. I guess nothing really happened to them, except getting a strange feeling on the third level. We had another big group this time so I wasn’t expecting much in terms of seeing or hearing anything. I think if I went with two or three people, I’d be scared shitless but since we’ve be going with big groups, I’ve been okay. You have to understand, it took me YEARS to get into this place. Not that couldn’t, just willingly. I wanted to go there to take pictures but never had the guts to do it until recently. I think my interest sparked again with stories from Lauren and an article in the local paper about the [_______]. The article said the construction workers knocking the buildings down, were seeing ghosts and even getting taunted by them. I don’t know about taunt, but something along those lines. Lauren’s stories seemed creepy too. Weird stuff happening with their phones, and then a few people thought they saw a three kids standing outside by a tree. I never know who to believe or maybe it’s just people’s imaginations playing tricks on them, that’s why I wanted to go myself and experience it.

That night, I debunked one of my photos because I took the exact same shot. A picture I took that night was also debunked because I got the same shot as well. It’s disappointing but I’ll just keep trying to get something on camera. Continuing with trip 2, at one point we lost a member of the group. One minute he was with us, and then he is no where to be found. I think I saw him running down the street because he lived around the area. I guess he was afraid to get caught by the police or something. I guess there’s always one person in the group that will take off if they sense trouble. But there’s also another type of person that thinks he cool by going ahead of the group, and then re-appearing 5 minutes later to scare us. Yeah those are the type of people that get killed first in horror movies. Hahaha.

I got to go upstairs this time and yeah, something just doesn’t feel right about the upper levels. The classrooms has all these books all over the place, and it’s really hot up there too. We had an EMF meter, which detects electromagnetic fields..or something like that. We didn’t get too many readings, and there was only a few spots where it was above 1.00. That could be something or it couldn’t mean a damn thing, either way I don’t have a clue. But nonetheless, it was cool to have something like that with us. The third level is where we did have some readings with the EMF meter. From the third level, you can take a door out to the roof, and that was cool. I think that’s where a kid jumped off the roof and died back when this school was in session.

The very next day, after my birthday party, college friends from PA were over and we decided to take a trip there and show them the place. We only went on the first two levels and nothing happened. Well something did happened, like me falling and tripping in the bushes when trying to run into the woods. I thought I lost my lens cap for my camera, but found it the next day in my back pocket. Ass! While walking in the hallways, Matt was making Scooby Doo references, it totally felt like that. The slow Scooby music, we keep on walking, and then ZOINKS!, there’s a ghost behind us! But obviously that didn’t happen but I’m sure if it was, it was probably some old guy in a mask that runs the local amusement park.

My friend Frank was funny, he was worried about a zombie attack the whole time and was carrying some metal rod. This is the guy who used to scare me in college, and tell me that zombies could be coming through those doors at any minute. Yeah, just what I want to hear in the painting studio while pulling an all-nighter. Frank was getting some weird vibes from the second floor so we left the place and walked around to the back of the building. We looked at the watch tower thing and wanted to go in it but never did. I heard some guy hung himself in it, maybe I’ll get a picture of that next time I’m there.

Lauren decided that the night wasn’t over yet and told us of another place where some murders took place at this house. It was only 10 minutes away on some road, and it was abandoned. It looked really spooky, and we only managed to stand outside of it before getting freaked out. All our flashlights were dying on us, and then we saw something fly out of the window of the house. I thought it was a bat but it was some bird. Apparently it went into a tree, and then immediately dropped down on the ground DEAD. Frank said, yup thats it, we’re out of here and that was that. I don’t think I would have lasted long in that house anyway.

When we got back to my apartment, the remaining people awake were looking through my photos and we actually noticed a bunch, and i mean a bunch of orbs. I didn’t even notice them until Frank was pointing all of them out to me. It wasn’t dust because I know what that looks like so it was something else. We got the orbs mostly in the Chapel, and even outside of the roof. Though, I don’t think I could get really excited about orbs. I want to see something more concrete or hear something. Though there’s always next time….