Do Ghosts Follow Me?

Articles | Oct 21st, 2007

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I’m starting to believe that I attract the paranormal. The following are some short ghost encounters that I’ve had in places that I have lived.

Sugar Loaf: I basically grew up in Sugar Loaf. Living there from 5yrs old until I was 12. I have two memorable stories from living here. – We had our house built on farmland in 1986. So it was brand new, and you would think a brand new house wouldn’t be haunted right? Wrong. We had a guest room upstairs, which my mom always kept locked until we had company. She would go in there every so often to vacuum or do random cleaning, and what she came across some days is still a mystery. She happened to go in there after playing the piano, and when she did there would always be the footprints in the carpet of a child’s feet, looking as if he/she were dancing to the music my mother would play. She would constantly yell at my brother and I for going in there, but it was locked so how could we get in? It was becoming a common incident, and soon, she faced the fact that the guest room was indeed haunted. Not by anything evil, it seemed to just be a child, happy that she was playing music every day. Maybe even happier that he/she was being noticed.

Coming home one day with my mom after a long day of shopping, this next story is the one ghost story that will stay vivid in my mind forever, and one that I will be telling to everyone and hoping that this is proof to non believers that ghosts do indeed exist. -As we were driving up Pine Hill Road in Sugar Loaf, my mom was flagged down by an old woman outside of an old house on the side of the road. The turn we stopped on was dangerous, but we were able to pull off far enough to stop and chat with this random woman. Her name I don’t remember, but her face I’ll never forget. Her husband (I assume), seemed to be doing some yard work on the side of the house, while she stood outside of our minivan and chatted with us for over an hour. She was a sweet old woman, telling us about the wonderful history of Sugar Loaf, and stories about the other houses in the neighborhood. She smiled, thanked us for talking to her, waved, and we were on our way home. The next day, my mom had spoken to one of our neighbors about this woman. They looked at her baffled and said that the house had been abandoned for over 20years and is too dangerous for anyone to go near, let alone LIVE there. Convinced they were messing with her, she got into the van and drove down the road and back to the house. Sure enough, there was caution tape along the front porch, windows boarded up, overgrown grass and weeds blocking the front door. The house was falling apart, and was definitely NOT at ALL safe to get out and go near. It looked perfectly fine the day before. Who was this lady? What did she want? Why did she stop us? One of these days, I’m going to find a way in and find out who these folks are, what happened, and why they came back.

Middletown (where I’m currently living now): This one is short and sweet, but still pretty damn SCARY… – So, like I enjoying doing on a day off, my surround sound was up and Resident Evil 4 was being played. It really isn’t too frightening of a game, so what had happened to me this horrifying evening was completely unexpected. As I’m completely tuning everything out around me, except the game, I all of a sudden felt someone sit down next to me on my bed. I screamed and ran down the stairs. There was NOTHING in my room that could have fell, actually, there was nothing in my room that is the weight of a person to feel as if someone just sat down next to me. I slept with the lights on that night; I think I should just sleep with light on at ALL times after this one… Another summer night. We just had our annual family BBQ. I was sitting downstairs on our computer checking my email, chatting on AIM;as my aunts, uncles and grandparents and cousins were getting their cars and leaving. I put up an away message for a moment to go and say goodbye, when all of a sudden I had this conversation with my uncle:

Uncle: How’d you get downstairs so fast?
Me: What are you talking about? I haven’t been in my room since you guys got here, I was just down here on the computer
Uncle: You weren’t just looking out the window and waving goodbye?
Me: Uh…no
Uncle: uh oh…
Me: well, I’m not sleeping in THERE tonight…

And this keeps happening too. Anytime I’m just getting home, I’ve SEEN someone in my window, OTHER people have seen someone in my window. Whatever it is, isn’t bad…at least I don’t think. It never bothers me to the point where I can’t sleep and I haven’t been hurt, but still. What in the hell…time to bring the ghost equipment into my house next.