Do Ghosts Really Exist 2?

Articles | Mar 6th, 2005

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*Disclaimer: Most of these places are illegal to visit so if you see a trespassing sign, use your common sense. If you trespass, it’s on your own terms, not ours.*

After reading this, you’re sure to believe…
So, after being scared to death numerous amounts of times at the Selesian School in Goshen…I went back again a little over a month ago and was scared beyond belief for probably the last time. After what happened that night I don’t think I’ll ever be going back there again. Knowing me tho, I probably will.

After going to the Selesian a week before hand to just walk around the school, my friend Cary wanted to go back badly, so, we got an interesting group together (me, Cary, his buddy Mike, Kristy, Chris, Keith, his woman, Minkus and his sister) to go back and check things out again. After walking the property and the school for a good hour, Keith’s girlfriend was too scared to stay, and Chris was just being too loud, so we all decided to just walk back to the cars and go home. After everyone else left, Cary, Mike and I decided to go back into the school. Before we did, I suggested checking out the mansion, which is located right in front of the school. The right side of the building is caving in, so we figured that’s the best way to get in and start looking around.

The place is absolutely freaky. Walking around there gave me the chills, it was like something out of the game Resident Evil. The three of us stuck together, the place wasn’t stable and if we separated who knows what could have happened. We went into each and every room, up every flight of stairs, and I must say, I was pretty impressed that I even made it in the place. Just as we were about to leave, Mike was checking out some closets in one of the rooms when all of a sudden he shouts to us “hey guys….we need to get out of here….and now”. Cary and I just look at each other, confused, ask him why we needed to leave and Mike’s response was “don’t ask now, I’ll tell you once we get the hell out of here”. So he bolts out of there and we follow. Once we get outside, Mike throws his phone at Cary and says “LOOK AT MY TEXT MSGS”. So we look, and see there’s one from his own cell phone number saying “GET OUT”. Not only is it from his own number, but the message wasn’t even in his text message outbox. This is when I absolutely freaked out.
We were all freaking out at this point. Almost running back to the car…Mike way ahead of the both of us, who were behind because Cary had to practically hold me up since I was scared shitless. All I could keep saying was “never again will I come here…NEVER again.”

When we got back to the car, Mike sat upfront and was having trouble breathing. That right there was my hint that this was no joke….that he wasn’t messing with us….that he really did get that text message out of nowhere, but how did it happen? The three of us decided to go to a diner to relax and calm down. Our friend Rudy met up with us, we told him the story and he just sat there with his jaw dropped. No one can explain how it happened. But all I know is, something, or someone didn’t want us there that night.

Two days later I was reading the paper and saw an article about that same mansion in it!! The article talked about how the building was unsafe and that they’re going to be tearing it down soon. Maybe that text message was a warning to get out because it was unsafe? I guess we’ll never know.