Do Ghosts Really Exist…?

Articles | Mar 6th, 2005

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*Disclaimer: Most of these places are illegal to visit so if you see a trespassing sign, use your common sense. If you trespass, it’s on your own terms, not ours.*

Many people think ghosts are figments of our imagination. Many people also believe that they do, in fact, exist. I happen to be one of those people who believe they are out there. Why do I believe you may wonder? Well here are some incidents that have happened to me that make me a true believer in anything paranormal.

About 7 years ago, I was at my friend Megans house, when probably the creepiest things I’ve ever witnessed had happened. Her home is about 200years old and has a pretty interesting history. Apparently, the man who lived there when it was first built, had killed himself in the bathroom. She was pretty sure it was by hanging himself. Anyways, she would always tell me how she could somehow get him to show himself, and of course I didn’t believe her. One day we were sitting in here room and decided to try it. We lit some candles, shut off the lights while she kept saying “Come on, show yourself”. Yea it does sound a bit silly and I couldn’t help but laugh, until I looked up at the wall. All of a sudden everything got cold on this warm summers night. She did not have an air conditioner or a fan on, the room was hot and humid but all of a sudden got cold. As I’m staring at the wall, I see the shadown of a man. I look behind me, no one there, look back and he’s still there on the wall. Well luckily my parents had gotten there just in time because I ran out of the house screaming like a little kid. Ever since then I’ve been scared to go into her house. Even to this day I can’t go upstairs. If that doesn’t make you believe maybe this next story will.

My friends and I have this thing with going to haunted and abandoned buildings. It’s alot of fun to go searching and getting scared. One night, me, my boyfriend, some and friends of ours went to the abandoned Selesian Missions School over in Goshen with a camera ready to explore. I made sure no one was near me smoking so I could take some pictures and get some kind of proof of ghosts there. The first place we took some pictures was in the graveyard for the priests that had worked in the school. We also took some pictures over by the school itself. Unfortunately it was boarded up and we couldn’t find a way in, as the times went on that we went there people had knocked down some boards so we were able to get in, but that’s a different story. Anyways, with this one, I got the pictures back a few days later…on two different pictures in two different places there were wisps of smoke, but nobody was smoking and there was no fog that night.

The next time I went to the Salesian, it was with one friend of mine, and we found a way in through a small door that was parcially boarded up. We had brought a video camera to see if we’d get any odd images or anything like my pictures. I was scared shitless this time being in there. After my incident with the pictures I wasn’t sure what could happen inside. This place was HUGE and rundown. It kind of reminded me of the school in the video game Silent Hill, which freaked me out more. We get to the third floor of the building. It was warm outside, making it pretty hot inside. Which makes what happened next absolutely freaky. As I walk into this one room I suddenly get his with a cold breeze. After I get hit, my friends camera goes off. We started to hear footsteps coming from the corner or the room that I was standing in. I don’t think i’ve ever ran out of anywhere so fast in my life. Once we got outside we continued to run. Thats when I saw this shadowy figure following us. I haven’t been back there since. The next day, my friend calls me up panicking, saying on the tape, before I got that breeze there was a strange tapping sound, tap tap….tap tap tap….tap tap. He sound it sounded weird, like someone tapping on a wall to communicate. Not only that but when the tape went out, it was still taping. We don’t know how because it was definitely off at that moment…so how was it still taping?

Just sitting here writing these is creeping me out. I’ll probably have nightmares tonight! Hope I didn’t scare anyone TOO much. :) These stories are 100% true. If they weren’t, well, I wouldn’t have written them. I hope you enjoyed reading about me getting scared.