Fall TV Season is back!! Part 1

Articles | Oct 4th, 2007

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Ah, the fall TV season is upon us and I’m ready! Plenty of new shows to watch and lots of great favorites as well. My old favorites are Heroes, Prison Break, The Unit, Las Vegas, and The Office. Now I have a plethora of new blood and many shows seem to be pretty interesting. Of course the problem with new shows is that they might not be around long enough to enjoy or get into at all. For instance, I watched plenty of shows that ended up getting axed like Day Break, The Nine, and Smith. Some of the shows out there that do get canceled at least get their episodes that never aired to appear online. This happens so that the obsessed fans can get a little bit of closure. Most of them aren’t so lucky.

New to NBC this fall are several new shows that I am enjoying watching. First on Monday’s is Chuck and Journeyman. I have the 2nd episode of Chuck on my DVR but I really enjoyed the pilot episode. Funny and with cool action and neat spy stuff which is always what I like to see. It also helps that the girl on the show is a babe. I happened to visit the set (don’t I sound so important?) while I was out in Burbank two weeks ago and it was wicked to see the set and how TV shows come to life. I was outside on the set for an upcoming episode and even got to meet one of the stars, Adam Baldwin. I also walked on the set on the store that they use on the show, modeled after Best Buy and Circuit City, titled Buy More. The set has to be guarded by real security guards due to the fact they have real merchandise and televisions and all that on the set. Pretty cool. The cast seems to mesh well and I’m curious to see what they will do next with the premise of the show. That is,of course, that Chuck, just some retail schlep, who happens to get an email from a spy friend and unknowingly downloads all the NSA and CIA secrets into his brain. Now they must fight to protect Chuck and use him for the greater good. Wacky and fun.

Next, Journeyman with Kevin McKidd from Rome. Based in San Francisco, McKidd plays a journalist who is zapped through different times in his life and others to help save and change what might have went wrong the first time. Just think Quantum Leap meets Back to the Future. It’s not really an original premise but I have a feeling with this show they will veer off onto their own ideas as the episode progresses. Plus the show has Moon Bloodgood is from Day Break, and very yummy. In the first two episodes, it deals with short arc story lines but you learn more about the main character, Dan (McKidd) and his family and friends. I think episode two was stronger in story and I think it’s a fun show to check out.

I’ll be back later this weekend or next week to take a few more looks at some new shows out there. Stay tuned!