Harry Potter FanFic: The High School Reunion

Fanfics | By on Jul 31st, 2007

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Ten years had past since the terrible and amazing events ten years prior. Harry Potter and his wife Cho Chang, sorry, Cho Potter, were sitting in their beautiful house on Long Island. Harry Potter was growing a little gray and his back hurt, but Cho still made him mow the lawn and he was really grumpy. Oh, he couldn’t use his magic because they lived around muggles and his neighbors were real yentas. Anyway, Harry Potter was grumpy but something brightened his day.

“I got a letter!” he said, happily.

“Who’s it from??” said Cho, as she made some lemonade.

“It’s from Hogwarts! OMG, it’s our 10-year reunion! Time goes by so fast!” said Harry Potter happily.

“Wow, are you going to go?” said Cho, as she vaccuumed the floor.

“Yes, we’re going!” said Harry Potter happily. He was happy because earlier that day he was passed up for a manager job at Jennifer Convertibles even though he’s the best damn salesman there. Without even using magic! And honestly, things weren’t as great as they were in the beginning with Cho. Harry Potter missed his friends – Hermione, Hagrid, Neville Longbottom, and… Ron.

Harry Potter thought a lot about Ron. The fun times they had living together for so many years, learning spells and going on adventures. Those days were so much more fun than in the following years when he settled down and got a job to pay the bills. Now his head was balding and he was getting an ulcer. This reunion would definitely make him feel younger!

Harry and Cho Potter packed some luggage and took the magic train to Hogwarts. Harry Potter looked out the window and fondly remembered the car-eating tree and other stuff. Soon, Hogwarts came into sight and it was the huge beautiful castle he always remembered. It was lit up with christmas lights and he could smell roasted unicorn even from where he was sitting.

They went into the castle which was turned into a ballroom. A DJ was magically making music appear out of speakers. It was all the hits from 10 years ago – Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Hoobastank. Harry Potter listened to it fondly with nostalgia. Suddenly, Hermione appeared. She looked older and was pregnant, but she was still beautiful. They had some chit chat but Harry Potter felt like they no longer had anything in common. She mentioned she married Ron, and Harry Potter’s ears perked up. “Where is Ron?” he asked but then he saw him.

Ron was standing across the room by the DJ. Harry Potter started walking toward him but Hagrid got in his way.

“HARRY POTTER! ARRR!! SO GOOD TO SEE YOU MATEY!!” bellowed Hagrid heartily.

“Silencio!” said Harry Potter and Hagrid became silent.

“NOOOOOOooo!” bellowed Hagrid heartily.

Harry Potter walked past him and that’s when Ron saw him. Their eyes met while Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” played in the background. It was their song – it was on the radio the first time night they got wands and were playing with each other’s wands.

“Hi,” said Harry Potter.

“Hi,” said Ron.

“It’s great seeing you,” said Harry Potter.

“It’s so great seeing you,” said Ron.

“Well, Cho probably wants some punch. She is such a ballbuster,” said Harry Potter.

“Yeah, Hermione is a ballbuster too,” said Ron.

“Ron, if I could cast a spell anymore, I’d turn you into a woman,” said Harry Potter.

Ron blushed. “I know, Harry Potter,” he said.

And the night ended and Harry Potter had to climb back into his magic train back to Long Island. But on the way home, he wasn’t sad. He smiled happily.

And that was the greatest magic of all.