Showdown! A Smallville Fanfic Vol. 2

Fanfics | By on Sep 22nd, 2007

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Showdown! Part 3

Lex Luthor sat staring at a graphic on his laptop when the door burst open and Clark Kent stormed in.

“Lex we need to talk” Clark said as Lex quickly shut his laptop.

“What happened to hello” Lex coldly stated coldly.

“How did you know about the mecha-bees? And why do I get the feeling they were created by luthorcorp?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Clark” Lex said “It’s just some crazy imagination of yours”

“I don’t think so Lex”

“Well your wrong, heres some money, go buy yourself some clothes that aren’t blue and red instead of wasting so much time with your goofy theories”

“I’m going to find out the truth even if its bad against you Lex”

Clark turned and stormed off. Lex was about to turn back to his laptop when Lionel Luthor stormed in, long hair flapping manlyily behind him!

“Nice save Lex” Lionel said “but I know you personally oversaw the development of the evil bee robots, or beebots as I like to call them, LOL.”

“You don’t know that I did” Lex said, “And you’d be a jerk if you did.”

“Son you better watch yourself, stuff could happen that is very bad, well I’ve done my cameo, now I must leave for unknown, possibly sinister things elsewhere” and Lionel left, saying under his breath “or maybe I’ll just go hit on Martha, OMG she’s teh sex.”

Clark meanwhile had done his crazy super running thing that he does because he’s too much of a wuss to fly, and he went back to Chloe and reported that he didn’t learn anything of Lex.

“Well that sucks, but what do we do about Zombie Lana? Did you find a cure for her curse?”

“No” Clark said “Did you?”

“Well I searched the internet and found something to try, its an old voodoo cult ceremony thingy that sounds totally credible in stopping zombies, let’s try it!”

So they cautiousingly went to the locked closet and popped it open, and Lana came out, all “Braaaaaaains, give me braaaaaaains” and stuff, what with her being a zombie and all, and Clark totally grabbed her and held her while Chloe did the voodoo dealie, and suddenly Lana was healed!

“What happened?” Lana said.

“Oh not much, you just hit yourself on the head and got a little fuzzy” Clark said, while Chloe gave him a knowing smile.

“Oh. Well whatever, you’re still a jerk and I still hate you Clark,” Lana said, storming off.

“Damn she’s so amazing and wonderful,” Clark said.

“Clark I think she’s mean and you should forget her and be with me,” Chloe said.

“Oh Chloe, that’s crazy. Why be with a awesome gorgeous girl when I can be with a jerk who’s kind of cute? Swoon! Oh, swoon!”

So Chloe rolled her eyes and turned back to her computer to, uh, do some hacking and downloading and whatever it is that those fancy reporters do on there fancy computer machines.

Suddenly the door swung open and Clarks’ new buddies Hal and Bruce came in.

“Hey guys, what up” Clark said as they all high fived each other.

“Dude I just met this totally smokin’ Amazonian princess, man I’d nail her,” Bruce said.

“No way dude, I saw her first” Hal said. They laughed.

“Hey did you take care of your zombie problem?” Bruce asked.

“Yeah Chloe fixed it right up”

Hal winked at Chloe. “You know I can do some pretty hot stuff with this magic green ring, baby.”

“Rad,” Chloe said. “Uh Clark we’re going out now”

“Oh great leave me with the boy scout” Bruce said with a dercisive laugh.

“Oh why don’t you go beat up some more muggers or something” Clark said with a rolling eyes.

“Well this is fascinating but we’ll see you boys later” Hal said, leaving with Chloe, the lucky bastard.

Clark and Bruce spent a few minutes discussing, you know, heroing stuff and whatnot, when suddenly the wall exploded in, a big piece flying and hitting Bruce on the head and knocking him out. Then suddenly, without warning Clark was trapped in an unexpected horrible headlock of doom!

“Thought you could get away from me didn’t you Clark?” came Fredrico’s voice in Clark’s ear.

“You!” Clark gasped.

“Yes it is I, the great Fredrico el Guapo, destroyer of worlds, terrorizer of small children, and all around suave ladies man!” Fredrico said.

Clark was totally wrestling and trying to get out of Fredrico’s mighty grasp as he talked but Fredrico just laughed and squeezed harder.

“You’re doomed Kal El, my fellow strange visitor from another planet! DOOMED!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

…To be concluded!