Super Mario Bros: The Ghost Hunters

Fanfics | By on Nov 16th, 2006

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Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom of mushrooms and pipes called Mushroom Kingdom. There were many pipes and mushrooms in mushroom Kingdom, so everybody either became a mushroom man or a plummer. In Mushroom kingdom were the two greatest plumbers ever to exist, Mario and Luigi!!

Mario and Luigi spent their days in the Mushroom Kingdom traveling around in the mushroom kingdom’s man y big green pipes that dotted the landscape like a bunch of plants. In fact many of them had big mean plants growing out of them, big mean plants that liked to EAT PLUMBERS!!! But Mario and Luigi could totally shoot fire out of their hands so that would get rid of the plumber eating plants and also the mean mushrooms and the mean turtles that also liked to clog up the many pipes in Mushroom Kingdom which Mario and Luigi, as plumbers liked to unclog!!!

Then at night after a long day of work unclogging pipes, Mario and Luigi went home to rest for a night. But they didn’t really rest! Because although they were plumbers by day, they were GHOST HUNTERS by night!!!!!

Mario and Luigi were founders of the mushroom Kingdom Paranormal Society also called MUKIPS for short, because that just sounded cooler to say. Like they could say “Hi, I’m the co-founder of the mushroom kingdom paranormal society and I sound like a big dweeb” or they could say “Hey baby I’m part of mukips, yeah I’m cool yeah!” Really, which sounds better?

They’re friends helped too. Toad and Yoshi and spiritual adviser Princess Peach or Daisy or whatever the hell her name was, let’s just go with Peach cuz it sounds more easier to type ROTFLOL! So we join this team on their latest quest!

“So what do we have today” Mario asked, stroking his fine mustache.

“Well we got a call that there might be ghosts in the Donut Ghost House” Toad said. “Dude I think this would really be a good place to go find ghosts”

“What do they say is going on” Luigi asked inquisitively while stroking his fine plummer mustache

“Well they have ghosts that are all jerks and stuff, they hide when you look at them but chase after you when you turn away!” Toad said excitedly and with much energy.

“Well okay let’s do this thing!” Mario said, stroking his mustache finely. “Toad take the equipment out to the kart and get everything ready”

Toad went to take stuff out but forgot some stuff, and Mario turned to the camera and said “I love Toad and all but he’s a stupid jerk who always screws up and forgets stuff and I hate him!” Oh did I mention they’re doing a mushroom kingdom reality show about ghost chasing? Cuz they are! Rawk!

So they drove to the ghost house and while driving Mario and Luigi made fun of Toad because he’s a stupid weenie jerk and then they got to the ghost house and they met the owner named Wario and he was all like “Hey guys, glad you could make it I got a lot of ghosts and stuff and they be driving me crazy yo”!

So they set up there equipment and they grabbed they’re heat sensing dealies and their photography dealies and stuff and they were all going around the house with their camera crews and junk.

Suddenly there was a noise!

“Dude what the hell was that?” Toad yelled in horror.

“I don’t know dude, I think it was a pipe or something” Yoshi said.

Meanwhile, Princess Toadstool was interviewing Wario?

“Tell me about your feelings about the ghosts” Princess Toadstool said.

“They scare me at night. They scare me like flesh eating clowns!”

“Oh my gawd I feel your pain” Daisy said.

“Thanks baby” Wario said cuz he’s da smooth ladies man!!!!!!!

Meanwhile there was a small reflection of light on a metal thing.

“Dude what the hell was that?” Toad yelled jumpingly.

“I think your flashlight reflected off that pipe over there” Yoshi said.

SUDDENLY five hours passed! “Okay let’s wrap it up” Mario shouted into his microphone while lovingly stroking his mustache. So they put everything back in the mariokarts and drove back to the MUKIPS headquarters to stare at five hundred hours of video.

So then something flashed on the screen. “Dude what the hell was that” Toad yelled in joy, because they TOTALLY FOUND EVIDENCE.

They replayed it. “I think that was just Princess Peach in the background dude” Yoshi said. “I wouldn’t bring it to Mario and Luigi.”

“Dude that’s a ghost!” Toad yelled. “I’m bringing this to Mario and Luigi!”

So they showed Mario and Luigi but Mario remained unconvinced since the ghost looked a lot like Princess Daisy. So they went back to the ghost house and showed the video to Wario and he said “Yeah man, Daisy is totally hawt but I wanted ghost pictures yo!”

“Sorry bro we don’t think this ghost house is haunted” Yoshi said, because he was there showing the evidence with Mario and Lugii.

“Oh man I’m pretty sure it is, you guys just suck!” Wario said, and Mario and Luigi stroked their mustaches in shame because they knew he was right.