Ghost Hunting With Lauren: The Middletown Psych Center

Articles | Oct 20th, 2007

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*Disclaimer: This place is illegal to visit so if you see a trespassing sign, use your common sense. If you trespass, it’s on your own terms, not ours.*

Out of all of the places I’ve had a chance to explore, the Middletown Psych Center is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to ghost hunt. With 3 large buildings-including a hospital, this place is a ghost hunters dream come true.

I’m still doing some research on the history of these buildings, but from the incidents that I’ve had, I can already tell the history is NOT a good one.

The first few times I had gone with a large group of friends. Not much happened, just some bad vibes in what I figured was the hospital building. Last week, a friend of mine and I decided to check out the place, full ghost hunting equipment and all. Mag lights, EMF detector, cameras, and temperature readers, you name it, he and I had it.

The first two buildings were harmless. In the basement of the first, we found some coffins, a fallout shelter, old furniture, and some pictures. The second building was a bit creepier with an old broken piano (very reminiscent of the video games Silent Hill and Resident Evil..And of course…I had to play around with it). In the fallout shelter, and a few random rooms, our EMF reader was going a wee bit wacky, no big deal…we kept on going.

Once we got to the third building, the hospital, my bad vibes were immediately going off.
We explored floor by floor, every inch, every room. On the first floor, while walking thru a hallway, I had felt two icy cold hands holding onto my arms…and they wouldn’t let go. Our EMF reader was going a bit crazy, but I tried to stay calm so we can finish our exploration. We made it to the second floor, and had found what seemed to be a patient room. Cabinets filled with biohazard bags, test tubes, and even a FULL biohazard bag, with a patient’s information and a sample of God only knows what. As my friend was exploring some of these items, I look to my left, at the window, and see what appears to be a face staring right back at me. Time to get out of this room!

We proceed to the basement. Of course, saving the scariest part for last. As we’re exploring, we find what seems to be a metal cellar door on the floor. One of the pieces of the door was removed, so, doing what most ghost hunters would do, my friend was looking down into what seemed like a crawl space to another basement, or even fallout shelter. At this point, I’m finally calming down after the face in the window, the cold hands holding my arms, and I had finally stopped shaking. Nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen…

As I decide to look over his shoulder, I’m leaning down peering into this interesting crawl space, when all of a sudden I get kicked. Hard. My shoulder bag got kicked right into me. I scream, turn around, and my cell phone, which was attached to my hip, was all of a sudden flipped open. Well, that was the end of the adventures for that evening. We took off, me, barely even able to walk, shaking, and needing a cigarette badly.

As we get outside, we sit down, enjoy a calming cigarette, and start to plan our next adventure into that same basement sometime within the next week.

Are we insane? Do we even dare? What exactly is down that hole? Was me being kicked a warning to get out?

I guess we’ll find out soon; Pictures will be up once I get them developed!!