Ghost Of Moore Hall

Articles | Mar 6th, 2005

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Moore Hall… it stood like a nightmare in the landscape of Keystone College. An old, run down victorian building… reminiscent of the history that hung thick in the air. It had once been a dormitory in the 1800’s when Keystone was an all boys school… it was then converted into offices and photography studios and darkroom, before it was condemned. Kids would always break in and party in the darkness of its hallways and rooms, but what happened to me in 1997 was no party.

It was close to the end of the semester… that time when art students had to take their stuff to the drawing studio for final critique, and I was running late as usual. Whenever I was running late to get to drawing, I took a shortcut through the woods behind Moffat Hall… I would emerge behind the derelict Moore Hall and the building right next to it. ( I can’t
remember it’s name, but it’s the one where you pay tuition on the top floor… and I had an english class in it too.) {EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s Harris Hall} In between the two buildings was a narrow corridor with bushes on both ends… not to mention broken glass, boards with nails sticking out of them, and garbage. I remember one time I had to get a tetnis shot because a nail went into my foot in that corridor.

I took to the corridor with my drawings tucked under my arm, and was surprised to see a man standing in the corridor, leaning against Moore Hall. He wore a long grey coat and a derby hat… I figured he was sneaking a cigarette or something, so I didn’t pay much attention to him. As I walked by him, he glanced down at my drawings and said “I’m a
lover of art myself, you know.” I just smiled and walked on by. When he said “Good day.” I turned to say goodbye, but he wasn’t there anymore. I knew he couldn’t have run that fast… and besides, you have to squeeze past the bush to get out of the corridor. It freaked me out.

A few nights later, I had to go pick up my stuff from the drawing studio. I took the normal route this time… up past Capwell and Moore, and into the studio. On my way back, while walking in front of Moore Hall, I heard knocking… like someone knocking on the door. I looked up, and there was the man in grey… standing inside of Moore Hall and looking out the door at me. Fuck this! I thought, and ran back to Moffat Hall… I swear I made it there in thirty seconds.

The next night, I had ceramics class at 9:00… and I knew I’d have to go near Moore again. On the way to class I was humming to myself, trying to forget about the man in grey… I made it to class, and settled in for two hours of making clay pots with Bill Teersteg. At 11:00 it was time to go home… fear overcame me as I looked out at Moore Hall… thinking… thinking about the man in grey… why was he trying to get my attention? What did he want from me? It was obvious to me by now that he was a ghost… but why did he appear to me? Walking past the abandoned hall… I heard the knocking again. This time, I tried to ignore it. The knocking got louder, but I refused to look… then… BANG! BANG! BANG! I looked up, and to my horror, the man in grey was in a second story window glaring down at me. Once again, I broke the hell out of there. I began research… I had to figure this one out. I spent hours on end in the library… talking to the cleaning ladies… looking for answers. I came across a bunch of microfilm which contained articles about Keystone College dating back to the beginning of the school. I spent hours searching though the film, until there he was… the man in grey. He was an art professor in the 1800’s when it was an all boys school. He was caught molesting male students in Moore Hall, and hung himself in the attic. All that remains of Moore Hall today is a garden where the building once stood… but I can’t help but wonder… does the man in grey still sit there, waiting for a male student to wander too close?


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