Goshen, NY: The “Nathaniel White” Farm House

Articles | Oct 27th, 2007

Nathaniel White house

*Disclaimer: This place is illegal to visit so if you see a trespassing sign, use your common sense. If you trespass, it’s on your own terms, not ours.*

UPDATE: JULY 2015: House has been burned down.

I remember when I was younger hearing about the murderer Nathaniel White. How could I not? It was all over the local newscasts and newspapers. Nathaniel had murdered women, both young and old, in his Goshen farmhouse and buried them up in the hills behind his home. Those hills were home to the popular restaurant Hillcrest Manor, which burned down years prior to this man’s gruesome murders.

As I got older, and got into ghost hunting, this place was a magnificent find. Knowing the history, I was sure to find SOMETHING paranormal. Be careful what you wish for sometimes, because you will get what you want.

My first encounter with the Nathaniel White farmhouse was a creepy one. Walking into the front door takes your breath away. You feel a presence of evil, and a presence of pain and sadness. I went with a small group of friends, equipped with a voice recorder, flashlights, and some cameras, we were ready to explore.

Feeling uneasy, we didn’t stay long. In the pictures we had gotten what seemed to be “orbs”, and we listened back on the tape, and what we heard was absurd. There were no cars driving by at the time we went, but what we had heard on the tape sounded just like that, and even worse. It sounded angry whatever it was, so we took off and headed home.

The next time, I had brought another group of friends. We didn’t make it past the front door this time. Two of my friends had heard voices whispering over by the swamp. We didn’t wait around to find out WHAT the hell it was. We decided to take a quick drive up the dirt road behind the house, where the bodies of Nathaniel’s victim’s were buried. Blasting NSYNC to keep us calm, we continued up the path and came across the burnt down Hillcrest Manor. Still feeling freaked out, we left after about two minutes. Vowing to never go back there again…what do I do a few months later?

Of course I go back…. This time with ANOTHER group of people who are new to this place. Equipped with camera’s, video cameras, and plenty flashlights, we were ready to try and explore every inch of the house this time. As always, an eerie feeling was coming across all throughout the house. Two out of the group were brave enough to walk down to the basement to take a few pictures, and my one friend’s video camera stopped working. It was fully charged when we went into the house, and was fine when we left, but as we were inside…it didn’t want to work.

The next day, my friend that had taken pictures and some video with his digital camera and stopped by my job to show me what he had found on the camera. An apparition of a girl was on the wall, and listening to what he had recorded, we had gotten what sounded like a girl saying “Help Me”.

This place takes your breath away. It’s extremely haunted, and whatever is there, isn’t friendly or happy. If you do decide to check this place out, please take caution. The house is near falling down, nails are sticking out of every wall, and the stairs are NOT sturdy. Oh yeah, and there are evil ghosts in there as well.  But, all in all, this place is pretty nifty. Check it out at your own risk tho.


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