I DON’T recommend ‘Hesh’ Skullcandy headphones

Articles | Oct 29th, 2008

Skullcandy Hesh headphones

I received Skullcandy “Skullcrusher” headphones to review last summer or so. I loved them because they were so soft on my ears. Plus the sound was excellent. Somehow, the frame of the headphones cracked and the right part of the headphones would start to fall off. So I decided to try out another pair, of course now I’m 60 bucks poorer.

I ended up purchasing the Skullcandy “Hesh” headphones and I’m not happy. I thought they would be soft like the “Skullcrusher” headphones and that’s not the case. The headphones hurt my ears so damn much, that I’m thinking about getting another pair of “Skullcrusher” headphones. Skullcandy seems to have more kinds of “Skullcrushers” on their site now. I might just tape up my old headphones and use them. I don’t want to spend more money on headphones…

The “Hesh” headphones are fine the way they are built, but if you wear them over 8 hours a day like I do, they are going to make your ears fall off. Even after wearing them for 10 minutes, there is pain. I’m not sure my ears are too big and they don’t fit but someone needs to make better ones. The ear part should be a lot softer and have more padding like the “Skullcrusher” headphones do. I dread putting these things on my ears now.

And if Skullcandy is reading this, please send me new Skullcrusher headphones. Thanks!


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