I’m Afraid of Horror Movies/ Ghost Stories From Keystone College

Articles | Mar 6th, 2005

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When it comes to horror flicks, I’m just a plain old wimp. I can’t watch them. I’m too scared. There’s a reason why I’m such a puss. Back in the second grade, I was like 7 or 8, I think. My older brother decided to show some of my friends “Nightmare on Elm Street 1,” and this was even in the daytime. I got through 20 minutes of it and couldn’t watch it anymore. That night was one of the longest nights of my life. I couldn’t sleep and kept thinking of Freddie coming to get me. I remember one scene in the movie that made me shit bricks is when Freddie was in the ceiling or something and was ready to jump down and kill that one girl. I referred to that scene at “Stretchy Freddy.” At least that’s what I think happen since I haven’t seen that movie since then. I also remember seeing on the back of “Nightmare On Elm Street” VHS box was Freddie eating some girls legs. Guess how I slept for years? I slept with my legs either crunched up near me or had my knees in the air so Freddie doesn’t eat them.

Another horror flick I hated was “Friday the 13th.” I think it was Kevin Bacon who got all cut up sleeping on a bunk bed ? Well guess what Matt and I had and guess where I was sleeping? Yup, on the top..and I hated it. I just had this feeling that all of a sudden a pitchfork was going to go through my chest. See how paranoid I am? Do you see how horror flicks can fuck up a kid’s mind. The shower scene from “Psycho” made me crazy about that someone might be in the bathroom with me. Like everytime I pee, I have to open up the shower curtain to see if there’s anyone in there. I still do it to this day because it was a force of habit. Yes I know I’m strange. I still have that frighten little boy inside of me.

For about the first 16 years of my life, I slept with a night light on because I was afraid of the dark. I still am but now I can sleep with my night light off. I slept with the night light because I was afraid to see ghost or something. I think I did see a few things before like Santa Claus outside my window but that’s a whole other story. Plus I had some sort of light, like a lava lamp in my room because I would see a shadow or some dark figure standing in the corner of the room and it would just be my TV or some shit like that. I saw The Gate or something like that and I would always jump to get into my bed because I’m going to think some giant monsters arm is gonna grab my leg. But then I would say to myself, good luck trying to fit under my bed with all my junk under there.

Now I come to talk about the present. I see horror flicks here and there but I’m still afraid of certain ones, generally the really stupid ones. I saw Blair Witch Project and I wanted that girl to die because she was just so god damn annoying.

She was just so annoying in the beginning interviewing the locals. The other guys weren’t that annoying. After I threw up a couple of times from getting motion sickness, I saw the rest of Blair Witch. I was freaked out by two parts. The tent scene when the Blair Witch ghost was bagging at the tent or was it little kids? I don’t know. I heard similar stories with my friends with tents and camping that scene could freak me out a little. The other part that freaked me out was the end. When the dude was standing in the corner. I laughed at the movie the whole time and then it was time to go bed. Again, one of the longest nights I ever had. The mind can play mean tricks on you, especially at night and you are scared out of your mind. Like right now, I’m typing this and think someone is behind me looking at me..I’m paranoid I tell you!!! or maybe not..AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! anyway, just my dog..Back to Blair Witch..Every time I closed my eyes to go to sleep, I kept seeing that dude standing in the corner of the spooky old house. The thing that scares me though is I have houses like that right near me and my friend has had a situation like that in the tent. It’s freaky shit. I heard too many ghosts stories and some stuff actually happen to me not to be scared.

I know alien stories, ghost stories, out of body experience stories. I know them all and some have happen to me, but not many. All the alien stories usually happen to white trash trailer park people. I live near the biggest hot spot for UFO sightings and I always (kind of) live near Whitley Strieber, the author who has many experiences with “the visitors.” The movie Communion starring Christopher Walken was about him. Anyway, The stuff that freaks me out the most though are the stuff from my old college, Keystone College outside of Scranton PA. I think someone has killed themselves in every building on campus except our dorm. Everyone on campus knows some sort of story or something that has happened to them. I had something little happen to me but my other friends experience some real freaky shit!!! It was two days before Halloween, and two of my friends were pulling an all-niter in the photo lab. Which is in an old dorm and the upper levels are so scary. The only way inside the building is if you got a key or let security let you in. It was about midnight and my friends heard this tremendous loud screeching noise coming from up stairs. They went to the main level to see if anyone was around and there wasn’t. It sounded like it was coming from the top floor and all the way in the corner. They didn’t want to go up there by themselves so they went and got security and about 5 people they knew. They proceeded to go upstairs until one of my friends started freakin’ out in the corner saying something was pushing at her chest, almost not to go up there. So the rest of the people continued to go to that mysterious room and when they got there. They said the hair on their necks were standing up. They didn’t see anything and later on they said they felt something pushing at their chests as well.

Stuff that has happen to me isn’t extreme, just freaky. All in the same photo lab or building. I took a picture in one of the bathrooms of me sitting on a toilet posing as the thinker. I got the roll back and saw that there was this huge blob blurry thing. It’s not a thumb because I know what a thumb looks like on photos. I have been known to do that from time to time. BUT this was no thumb! It not only looks like an apparition but it also surrounds my whole body. Maybe it’s my aura or something. I asked my photo teacher what it was and he thought it was just a print error but really didn’t have a clue. He’s like, oh this place isn’t haunted. I’ve been in there late at night and nothing has to me. Whatever! I think it depends on the type of person. Two other things happened to me. I was in the dark room late at night with my friend John. We were trying something with time exposures and went into the other room to look at it in the light. When we came back and tried it again and it seemed to be a bit darker. Someone or something seemed to change the clock. That freaked me out because no one was in the building and had no way of getting in unless we opened the door. ANOTHER thing happened to my friend John and I. We were in the totally dark room developing film and John was all the way in the back of the room sitting down while I develop the film up front. I felt something on my hood like someone was touching it and I screamed out, “John get the fuck off me!” and he was like dude, what are you talking about. I’m down here. I repeatedly asked him if he did and he said no and jumped up and was sitting by me all scared (me included). Then we both felt something touch our hair. I’m glad I graduated in time because I heard they were re-opening that building for dorm use. GOOD LUCK!! haha. There’s a lot more stories of my college, a lot of stuff has happened to my friend Frank but that could take forever explaining. It’s better to hear the experiences in person or maybe I’ll make him write up all the stories. I seriously doubt that it’s normal people fucking with us. Like who would change a stop setting on a clock? I wanted to e-mail Sightings and see if they could bring a psychic there and see what’s up. “Next up on Sightings, an insane college student gets freaked out in the photo lab.”


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