Investigation of the Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, NY (March 19th-20th)

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After about a month of anticipation, it was finally THE day; the day to do a full investigation of the Shanley Hotel in Napanoch, NY. For those of you unfamiliar with the Shanley and its history, check out their website. You’ll find EVPs, photos, videos, and more at the website!

There were five of us who attended this ghost hunt. There was me (of course), my friends Mike, Kelli, and Melissa, as well as Mike’s friend Andrew. We came to the Shanley completely prepared for anything and everything. We had EMF and K2 meters, digital cameras, video cameras, flashlights with fresh batteries (and some extras), and voice recorders.


When we arrived, the owners Cindy and Sal Nicosia were brewing coffee and setting up our snacks for the evening. Cindy had let me take everyone on the quick tour of the hotel (since I had been there a week prior putting down our deposit and got a sneak peek), and then we went to our cars and started bringing in our equipment.

Then it was time for the real tour! Room by room, all 3 floors Cindy had taken us everywhere in the hotel, and told us the story on each room (All that info is on their website, but it’s even cooler hearing the stories while in each room.). With each story, and each room, we were all becoming more and more excited about this ghost hunt! Finally, somewhere legal! (lol).


After some chit chat, some dinner, and getting all of our things together…we were off to explore! Before we really set out, Sal had taught us how to use the dousing rods to speak with the spirits. In the bathroom down on the first floor, Melissa came walking out, and all of a sudden we heard a “whistle” sound just as she did! “Great first start!” we all thought.

All night we were poked, grabbed at, heard noises, the dousing rods were working fantastically (I stupidly asked if the spirits had ‘wanted us there’ and it went straight to ‘no’…oops). We felt cold spots in certain areas; the EMF and K2 meters would randomly go off. It wasn’t as insane as we had expected it to be…that is until about 5am.

Cindy had told Mike and Andrew to take off their headlamp lights, because we may not have been having insane success because the spirits were afraid of those lights. So, once they took those off, we headed back up to the Bordello/Brothel in the attic area. Non-stop shadows kept walking by one of the windows, and we kept feeling as if we were being watched. Orbs were found in plenty of the photos we had taken, and I got a call the next day from Mike saying we had caught something on video!

On it, there are two orbs flying around the room, and what sounds like heavy breathing/snoring. Then, on an EVP you can hear Kelli and Melissa asking the little ghost boy Jonathan “How old are you?” and it sounds as if he answered…saying 9…but he’s 6. Which was odd, but Cindy also mentioned that the main hotel ghosts weren’t always the ones there. There are constantly other spirits around she was told by a few psychics.


Crazy cool stuff eh? We’re planning on going back for round two and hoping to get more solid evidence. But, we were a little bit successful and had a great time anyways. We wrapped everything up at around 6am. The Shanley is worth the time, money, and visit so go on their site and book your own private adventure! OR, wait til we go again and let me know if you’d like to join! :)


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