LaLaLauren’s ‘New Nightmare’

Articles | Feb 8th, 2008

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Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare On Elm Street” series…one of the BEST horror movie franchises, EVER. Even the sequels are entertaining, and each movie featured some of Hollywood’s biggest names of today (Johnny Depp making his debut, Patricia Arquette, Lawrence Fishbourne as well as many others). But, as I’m playing around on good ol Myspace today, and checking out some of the Horror Movie sites I have…I find out that Micheal Bay (Transformers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake) is remaking the one movie that should never be remade. To make things worse…Freddy Kreugar himself, actor Robert Englund will not be reprising his role as Freddy. Why? WHY?

Knowing how things have been going nowadays with horror movies and their remakes, some big name Wrestling/Sports schmuck (Eli Manning perhaps? Or the wrestler John Cena) will be cast as Freddy. With no witty lines, not scary at all, and well, just plain annoying.

The series is perfect the way it is. There is NO need for a remake. The ONLY acceptable thing, would be a prequel. Show what happened to Freddy. Explain his back story, show the parents of his child victims enraged and burning him. Now THAT would be pretty interesting. If Micheal Bay is smart about this, that’s how he’d do it.

But, this is Hollywood folks. I’m hoping for the best…but, it’s a horror movie, so I’m expecting the worst. On a side note…they’re also remaking Friday the 13th. *sigh*.

Will an original flick EVER come out…? It hasn’t ALL been done before…