Las Vegas Canceled? NOOO!!

Articles | By on Mar 7th, 2008

I should have written this a few weeks before but apparently NBC is not renewing one of my favorite TV shows… Las Vegas! I knew NBC would cancel the show after James Caan and Nikki Cox left the show at the end of last year’s season. Nothing like two of your biggest stars leaving a show and the rest of the cast picking up the scraps. It never works, just like shows NewsRadio, Coupling and I’m sure many others.

I really liked Las Vegas, even when the departure of Caan & Cox. I just love to watch all the hot women on the show, but that’s not the only reason why I like the series. It was a guilty pleasure show because the storylines were so far fetched but they were really entertaining. How many times are people going to rob the casino and something bad was going to happen there? It’s like Baywatch, it’s gotta be the worse beach in the world to have all that stuff happen there. Las Vegas had a great ensemble cast and the show was actually quite funny too. I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant with Tom Selleck taking over the Montecito but he really filled some big shoes left behind with Caan leaving the show. Another thing that tipped me off with the cancellation was the Friday night at 9 or 10pm night time slot. That’s the death of a TV show spot. Everyone is out (well except me) Friday nights so no one watches TV.

I just think it’s unfortunate to end the series on such a cliffhanger. It’s a stupid cliffhanger but at least give the TV show a proper send off. It’s only been on the air for 5 seasons, at least out of respect give them a 2-hour series finale! CBS gave Jericho a second chance when their hardcore fans sent them millions of peanuts, maybe fans of Las Vegas need to send NBC a shitload of poker chips? I doubt NBC will give the show a series finale but maybe there will be one that’s made directly for DVD? Here’s hoping!


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