Lost: Five Unlikely Plotlines for Season Six

Articles | May 15th, 2009

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Now that season five of Lost is over, we have about 8 months before the final season begins. As such, there is nothing that can be done but take some guesses as to what will happen during season six. We know that the producers like to throw the audience off the track with various surprises, and growing mysteries. I figure that the more ridiculous my plotline ideas are, the more likely they are to happen.

1. The Island, overtaken by evil,  starts to float in the sky and when seen in establishing shots, thunder is heard. While some might think this is oddly similar to the lair of Noheart, the bad guy from the Care Bears television series, we don’t necessarily know that the show itself didn’t travel back in time to inspire the beloved television series. This plotline would deal with evil Locke becoming a powerful sorcerer of Dark Arts, using dark magic to cripple the island folk.

2. After the explosion, the Oceanic 6 become radioactive and develop superpowers. We’ve already seen time travel, immortality, and a bunch of other crazy stuff, so who’s to say that Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and the rest of the gang, all of whom were within 50 feet of a nuclear explosion, can’t become mutant superheroes with all kinds of wacky powers. Kate’s would likely be the death stare, in which those who look at her long enough begin to fall in love with her, and then die.  Jack would have the lame power of lameness, because he’s totally lame. Miles would still be able to talk to dead people – or perhaps, the ability to not talk to alive people – how’s that for a twist?

3. It was all in Desmond and Penny’s autistic’s son’s mind. The sixth season would turn into a domestic drama in which Des and Penny have to deal with having a son who is completely disconnected from the everyday world, and who is obsessed with something called the Island.

4. In the alternate universe created by the explosion, guns don’t exist. Basically, the first five seasons are condensed into the final one, but without any guns, most people don’t die, except the dude who exploded, and Frogurt, who was impaled by an arrow. The Oceanic 6 become the Oceanic 22, and the show as a whole is less bloody.

5. The Others disappear, and the original Losties go all Lord of the Flies on each other. Because we all know Jack and Sawyer can’t go a whole season without beating the living snot out of each other. And with Juliet gone, there’s gonna be some love triangle action going on. Hurley and Miles, who are the better comic relief these days, will totally turn on each other. Jin will meanwhile take control, seeing as he is probably the most consistently awesome dude on the island.


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