Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015

Articles | Oct 9th, 2015

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015

Are you that guy or gal in your office or school or methadone clinic who can’t come up with an original Halloween costume? Do you just opt for a Where’s Waldo outfit that you bought used on eBay? Are you considering a Sexy Pizza Rat costume from Amazon? Don’t be that person! Your spooky friends at are here to help you with some unique music-inspired Halloween costumes.

Ace Morrissey

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
Dressing up as Morrissey is easy to do. If you really wanted to make an impression, mashup Ace Ventura and Morrissey and then you got something! They both have a giant head of hair and they both love animals. Meat is murder, all righty then!

Costume Requirements: Giant hair, Hawaiian shirt, striped pants, get indignant when you see someone ordering a lamb gyro

Attention-Seeking Pop Singer

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
Are you the type of person that has to be the center of attention? Do you have what it takes to have no talent and just dress up crazy for shock value? Well you’d be perfect as a pop singer who constantly needs attention! LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!

Costume Requirements: just underwear, bright colorful wig, outfit that looks like a melted candle in a bottle, music to lip sync to

Bizarro Ben Weasel

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
Sure, you can dress up like prickly, self-control-challenged Ben Weasel for Halloween but who wants to do that? Why not go as Bizarro Ben Weasel! He’s nice to everybody and loves sharing his liberal views to everybody on Twitter. He gives out free hugs to women on stage too.

Costume Requirements: Fat Wreck Chords shirt, denim jacket, Hillary Clinton button, showers of appreciation, love, and praise for one’s fans, and sweet temperament for interviewers and photographers

Concert Periscoper

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
If there’s one thing that’s more annoying than iPadgraphers at a concert, it’s someone who films an entire concert to their two followers (their parents?) on Periscope.

Costume Requirements: Sense of entitlement, holding up a cellphone vertically

Disappointed Fan Who Didn’t Get Into the Secret Saint Vitus Bar Show

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
Your favorite band is playing a secret show after their sold out Webster Hall show at 3am. You discovered on Twitter that they’re playing in 20 minutes at Saint Vitus Bar. But everyone else on Twitter saw it and you are turned away at the hip Brooklyn bar with a maximum occupancy of 10. Now just think of all the fun you’re missing and there’s your costume.

Costume Requirements: A sad face

Disgruntled Glenn Danzig

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
There’s nothing scarier than a grumpy old doom rock singer who doesn’t like being photographed. Be the scariest one at the party when someone tries selling you unlicensed Misfits merch!

Costume Requirements: 1 person dressed as a photographer to beat up, long blacked dyed wig, double chin, bags of cat litter, meshed shirt to showcase the moobs

John Legend of Zelda

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
Who better to show up as at the posh R&B lounge on Halloween than this well-respected, multi-award winning, extremely good-looking artist who must traverse Hyrule to destroy Ganon?

Costume Requirements: Smart clothes, short-cropped hair, perfectly groomed beard, sword, shield, ocarina of time

Kickstarter Musician

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
Life has gotten pretty easy for starving musicians nowadays. It used to be that you had to resort to playing pizzerias and bowling alleys or by busking on the street. Now you can just beg for money on the internet.

Costume Requirements: An acoustic guitar, a scraggly beard, a promise of adding someone’s name to the liner notes if they donate $5. No musical talent required.

Kilometery Cyrus

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
Miley Cyrus has been a popular Halloween choice in recent years, but what about people who like her music AND the metric system? Meet the Canadian version of Miley Cyrus – Kilometer-y Cyrus!

Costume Requirements: Nothing – you can show up naked. Just make your grand entrance atop a moose instead of a wrecking ball. And don’t stick your tongue out – that’s impolite.

Lenny Kravitz’s Penis

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
The talk of the summer wasn’t Lenny Kravitz’s music, that’s for sure. Then again, when has anyone talked about Lenny Kravitz’s music?

Costume Requirements: Large pierced penis prop (a salami log could work in a pinch), ripped-up leather pants, the insecurity of other men

Pilot Bruce Dickinson

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
Obviously dressing up as Iron Maiden’s Eddie would be cooler amongst metalheads but we’re trying to do something different here. What about Bruce Dickinson the pilot?

Costume Requirements: a pilot uniform, flight wings pin, and Angelina Jolie’s haircut from the movie Hackers.

Popular DJ

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
Making this costume is as easy as becoming a world-famous DJ. In fact, do both!

Costume Requirements: If you have a hoodie or some giant cartoon head and a laptop, you are ready to dress up like a DJ. Want to be the real thing? Simply press play on your Spotify playlist and nod your head to the beat while frowning! Congratulations, you can now make millions.

Rejected GWAR Member

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
There have been many GWAR characters in their lineup over the years, but perhaps people might not know about their lesser known characters: Splooge The Spectacular, Christie Carnivorous, and Bigus Dickus.

Costume Requirements: fake blood, styrofoam body armor, pool noodles, beer belly, reek of BO and meth

Robert Smith as The Joker

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
A 60 year old man wearing goth makeup is already pretty frightening but it would be scarier showing up at a party as Robert Smith’s version of The Joker. The Joker that never smiles or laughs.

Costume Requirements: just pull out that old Heath Ledger Joker costume from 2010. You’ll finally able to use it now that no one isn’t dressing up as the Joker.

Ryan Swift

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
The latest music hit (no thanks to the Internet) is Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. Why not take it one step further and dress up like Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift combined. To continue the troll job, Ryan Adams should just dress up like Taylor for Halloween himself.

Costume Requirements: White framed sunglasses, messy hair, peppy but depressing attitude

Sleeping Souls band member

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
You can’t be in Frank Turner’s backing band The Sleeping Souls but you can certainly dress like them for Halloween. You just need to make a visit to your local Macys store.

Costume Requirements: Must speak in a British accent, wear a long-sleeved, button down white shirt. Hat is optional.

The Tall Douche Who Is Too Cool To Dance But Stands At The Front For Every Show

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
This costume doesn’t require a lot of planning, only a steadfast of rudeness and/or lack of self-awareness

Costume Requirements: Stilts or foot-high platform boots, brand new band shirt, stare at your phone every two seconds, and stand in people’s way

Tie Dye wearing Hipster NOFX fan

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
One way of getting Fat Mike’s attention at a show is to dress up like a bearded hipster wearing a tie-dye shirt. Now you can get everybody’s attention by dressing up as walking contradiction NOFX fan.

Costume Requirements: Tie-dye shirt with NOFX logo on it, hipster beard, Canadian accent eh, 100 dollars in your pocket

The Walking Grateful Dead

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015

Costume Requirements: gray hair, zombie makeup, acoustic guitar, hemp clothing, oxygen tanks

Wilderness Chuck Ragan

Music-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas for 2015
No one can be as manly as Chuck Ragan. You can certainly try on Halloween though but there can only be one true Chuck Ragan!

Costume Requirements: Your dad’s fishing and hunting gear, a manly beard, a guitar, dogs to fetch the game you catch and a gravelly singing voice


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