My 10 Favourite Coozer Posts

Articles | Feb 23rd, 2009

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As a celebration of managing to spend more time posting random tidbits of news than actually working, I would like to congratulate Mr. Adam Coozer on 1000 posts of his blog, The Coozer Files. The only thing I do believe that Mr. Coozer does more than post is shock the monkey, but that’s for another blog altogether.

Anyways, as a tribute to one of the most irreverent, ridiculous, and often hilarious blogs around, I would like to highlight my ten favourite Coozer posts of the last six months.

10. PSA: If you save your friend from exploding, you will be sued

Because helping is for sissies.

9. Cooties are real!

I knew it all along! But I don’t know if everyone knows this, and I have a heads-up because I’m an elementary school teacher, but the vaccinations have changed; it’s not just circle-circle-dot-dot any more. There are some kinds of cures that the under-10-kabal only understand. We need to get to someone on the inside and distribute the cure quick, or we’re all doomed!

8. America’s 10 Most Confusing Traffic Signs

Good thing in Canada we all know how to deal with a moose crossing sign.

7. England packed with embarrassing town/street names

Hehe, East Breast.

6. Daily News steals Empire State Building

Next up for me is a theft of Winnipeg. Yes, the entire city. It’s not like anyone would be upset if it went missing.

5. Adam Coozer’s 2009 Resolutions

I believe every one of them, except number 6. Silly Adam, you just can’t resist those wild things.

4. Kinky

I like this particular post for two sequential reasons: the first, because it mentions me, and because it mentions me and is titled Kinky….kinky!

3. Monster truck promoter died on SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY!

Everything is more exciting when it is REPEATED REPEATED REPEATED (even if this is otherwise kinda sad).

2. World’s fattest man set to marry

How hilarious would it be if it was to the world’s skinniest woman?

1. Coozer Prophesy #1

Adam is seriously worried about the jellyfish takeover. I, for one, am not nearly as scared. But that doesn’t mean I like jellyfish at all. All those tentacles and that weird gooey skin… it would be like sharing a bed with Adam….


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