My Top 10 Abandoned/Haunted Places

Articles | Jan 18th, 2008

Nathaniel White house

*Disclaimer: Most of these places are illegal to visit so if you see a trespassing sign, use your common sense. If you trespass, it’s on your own terms, not ours.*

Ever wanted to go exploring to some place you were told not to? How about visit somewhere that was supposedly haunted? Well we aren’t encouraging this but if you are bored and really must set off on some adventures. Adventure Seeker LaLaLauren has compiled 10 places she loves to visit. Be warn, not all of these places are legal to go to, so please explore at your own risk.

10.) Blairsden Mansion – Peapack, NJ

Blairsden Mansion is most popular for it’s legend of a mass murder of the nuns that had lived there and the ghosts that haunt the grounds to this very day. The story goes, that, one day the usual grocery boy had showed up at the mansion to do his usual routine of picking up the groceries, and the Mother Superior had not answered his knocking at the door. He thought nothing of it, figured she forgot and left. The next day he had shown up, and the same thing had happened…no answer. The boy was concerned and called the police. What they had found was a horrible, bloody massacre. Each and every nun was torn to pieces. Now, they saw the Mother Superior had gotten herself into Paganism and wanted to convert the others. When they refused, she had tortured and killed her fellow sisters, then, killed herself.

Another legend about the Mansion, is that it was not only a convent, but also an orphanage. One day, the nuns had taken the orphans down to the waterfall (which you pass on the way up to the Mansion, if going in the back way thru the woods), and pushed each orphan over the edge, then, took their own lives and jumped.

And the last legend is one that all ghost hunters will absolutely love. There are apparently two ghosts on the path leading from the back gate to the back steps of the Mansion. The first ghost is a warning ghost…trying to scare you away from the second ghost. This second ghost is said to be the Mother Superior herself. Her objective is to lure you into the Mansion to torture and kill you…just like she supposedly did to the nuns.

My Personal Experience:
I’ve been to Blairsden twice. And all I’ve gotten from there are some amazing pictures. It’s about a mile walk from the back entrance, so be prepared. It’s also NOT legal to be anywhere near it (Not like that has stopped me before). We went during the day, so it was a little bit safer, especially not knowing what to expect. And honestly, that legend about the two warning ghosts scared the living crap out of me. The first time I had went, we stayed far away from the mansion. There are lights, apparently cameras, and signs EVERYWHERE saying no trespassing. I took a few pictures and we left.

The second time however, we walked all the way up to the Mansion. It’s one insanely beautiful place. But too well kept, and some form of wire by each door entrance. We figured the place was alarmed, so didn’t attempt to get in. This place is amazing to check out tho. If you have a love of history and of houses with creepy legends, check out this place. IN THE DAYTIME. and Be careful. Please. I don’t really promote trespassing, but if you do go, take precautions!

For more information on Blairsden Mansion….

9.) Clinton Road – West Milford, NJ

Where do I even begin when talking about Clinton Road? So many legends, so many stories. Clinton Road was made popular by Weird NJ magazine. A ghost boy at ‘dead man’s curve’, KKK activity, a random red eyed wolf, and even a black truck that tried to chase you away. Clinton Road has it all! And on a side note, another wacky abandoned place located right off of Clinton, is Jungle Habitat. A once prosperous jungle safari popular in the ’70’s, that was closed down. Legend has it the animals left there, still bred and roam freely in the woods of Clinton Road. Spooky right? There’s so many legends that I have no patience to write about right now. So next, I’ll just continue on with my personal experiences at this place.

My Personal Experience:
I’ve been to Clinton Road MANY many times. Each time brought on a new and interesting experience. My friends and I have taken many pictures, which, when looked back on have what some may call “orbs” in them. I also decided to be ballsy a few times and walk in the woods, under the bridge and up to the water, where you’re supposed to throw a penny in and a “ghost boy” throws it right back at you. Well folks. With my glasses on I can assure you I’m NOT blind, and what I saw was a little boy standing int the woods staring at me. I wish I could joke and make this story up, but, I really can’t. And what did I do when I saw him? I ran…just like the song says “I ran so far away”.

Another time we had gone, a park ranger had shown up and told us to leave. “Anything you had read in Weird NJ is NOT true. Leave NOW”. Months later, as I’m driving down that road with some other friends, I get a text message from one of the friends I was with the night of the park ranger. She had informed me that she was reading on some website that there haven’t been park rangers on that road in YEARS. Most of them were too afraid to even patrol there. So then who was that talking to us that night?

Another day, a few of us went and decided to find some of the side adventures this road has to offer. One of them being what people rumored to be a Druid temple, but it was really just an 18th-century smelter. Seeing this from the road, we decided to go park and check it out. Everything seemed fine. I was a little scared, even though it was daylight out, I still had a weird feeling about this place. We took a few pictures with our camera phones and decided to return home. On the way, I was looking at the pictures I had taken, and there was one that didn’t seem right. One of the friends I had gone with, posed in front of the smelter. When looking back on the picture we took of him, there was what looked to be a little blonde haired girl standing next to him. Either whispering in his ear or…biting him. This photo scared the shit out of the three of us. Who was that girl?

Clinton Road can be fun, but other days/nights…you get nothing. Go with an open mind and who knows, you to may come in contact with that mysterious park ranger. But, just like any other place, be forewarned, there are now No Trespassing signs in the woods…so just stay close to your car and don’t go wandering. :)

For the legends, and lots of information and more stories on Clinton Road check out as well as

8.) The Concord Resort – Monticello/Kiamesha Lake, NY

The Concord was once a world famous resort, and the largest in the region, until it’s closing in 1998. Now, it’s famous for it’s insanely huge golf course. With 1,500 guest rooms, and a dining hall able to fit 3,000 the Concord was certainly beautiful. It’s currently being restored, and hopefully will be just as popular and just as beautiful as it once was.

My Personal Experience:
The Concord is NOT haunted. It’s a little creepy, but, to my knowledge, not haunted. It’s one of the most interesting places I’ve explored and a must check out for you fellow explorers. Not only are there over a thousand guest rooms to explore, but, keep in mind it’s a resort as well so there’s plenty more than just your average abandoned hotel. There are pools, skating rinks, auditoriums, bars…you name it, this resort has it.
It’s an amazing find. Photographers and explorers be careful when visiting. Honestly, go at night and BE CAREFUL.

For more information on the Concord

7.) Letchworth Village – Haverstraw, NY

Built in 1908, Letchworth Village was a home for the feeble minded and epileptic. Letchworth was closed down in 1996, with some buildings on the property being reused, while others are left abandoned. There have been many ghost stories relating to Letchworth Village. According to a story I had read in the book Weird NY, patients were apparently tortured, treated unfairly, teased, and beaten. With that, it’s said to be haunted with the spirits of these tortured patients.

My Personal Experience:
The first few times exploring Letchworth, not much happened. I had “thought” I heard footsteps, but, eh…when you’re scared your mind will make up things.

Another time we had went, our favorite ReadJunk webmaster, Bryan, had come with myself and two other friends. We had a bit of a run in with the Haverstraw police, and instead of just approaching the cop car like I did, Bryan decided to jump behind a tree, landing in…dog poo. (You can read his full encounter: here ).
A few more times, no luck with finding anything scary or crazy. Not even in the morgue.

Then one random night, my friend and her boyfriend had wanted to check the place out, so off we went. We decided to park behind the main building and check that one out first. Once you walk in, the first area you come across is the library. Months prior, some idiot teenagers decided to start a fire, which destroyed almost every book and piece of furniture still left standing. As we’re each picking up what was left of books and folders, a loud banging on metal came from behind us. I, of course scream. We look over, and there was a large metal box behind us, by the door we came in. My friends boyfriend went over to check it out, and noticed it wasn’t plugged in, there was no electricity kicking on in it (there was absolutely no source of power in the buildings anyway), and there were no animals in the area of the building that we were in (and if there were, it would have been a mouse, which was way too small to make a sound that loud). So what the hell happened? We ran back to the car. I freaked out and didn’t want to go back to exploring. What do we do five minutes later? Check out some more of the buildings on the property. I did in fact find a Special Olympics medal in one of the drawers of another building :). So that calmed down my big fright from earlier.

Letchworth is insanely creepy. I found a fallout shelter under one building, which had probably the worst vibe in the whole place. The morgue, well, that’s self explanatory. With drawers still intact and even some operating tables, the morgue of Letchworth is a must find. So many buildings, so much to explore.

But if you do go, do NOT go in a large group. Many arrests have been made. The police are just keeping a lookout so another fire doesn’t get set on this beautiful place.

For more information on Letchworth Village

6.) Goshen Farmhouse (The Nathaniel White House) – Goshen, NY

JULY 2015 UPDATE: The house burned down

In 1991 and 1992, Orange County resident Nathaniel White had brutally raped and murdered 5 women and a teenage girl at his home in Goshen, NY. After they were murdered, he took the bodies and had dumped them in the swamp directly behind the house, and also up in the woods that lead to the burnt down remains of the once popular Hillcrest Manor Restaurant. (and only a few miles away from Arden Hill Hospital). Sentenced to 150 years to life in prison, the house has been abandoned since. Ghost hunters and trespassers absolutely love this place. The surrounding grounds and the house itself are supposedly haunted with the spirits of those women murdered all those years ago. [Editor’s Note – He didn’t live there and only dumped 2 bodies at this location. His victims bodies were also found in parts of Goshen and Middletown.  {source}]

My Personal Experience:
I had recently posted a blog on this site about my experiences at the Nathaniel White house, so I’ll directly link it in here so I don’t have to write it all up all over again :)

There isn’t much information out there about this place, but there ARE tons of pictures. For some good ones, check it out here

5.) Devil’s Tower – Alpine, NJ

Devil’s Tower was built in the 1900’s by millionaire Manuel Rionda, and dedicated to his wife Harriet. It’s the center piece of a rich estate called the Rio Vista. One night, while staring out a window on the top of the tower, Harriet had witnessed her husband cheating on her. So distraught over what she had seen, she jumped from the window. Some other random history that I had come across, is that of satanic rituals taking place in the tower.
Legend has it that if you go to the tower late at night, and either walk around it backwards, or drive around backwards six times you’re supposed to encounter the ghost of the wife, and some say you even see the Devil himself.

My Personal Experience:
I’ve been to the Devil’s Tower A LOT, and absolutely nothing creepy or odd has happened to me. Then again, I also never went at night…because I’m too scared. It is however, a great place to take pictures, and the tragic history is pretty nifty. One of these days I’ll attempt to check it out at night. If you do go, good luck :)

For more stories and information about the Devil’s Tower

4.) The Rusty Nail – Middletown, NY

Unfortunately, I don’t know too much of the history on this place. All I do know, is that it was mighty popular when it was up and open. Now, it’s run down, abandoned and up for sale.

My Personal Experience:
It’s not haunted, but this place is pretty damn awesome. The basement is where all the fun is. Leftover beer mugs, wine glasses, cooking utensils…so many goodies! The Rusty Nail is a lot of fun to explore if you’re bored and want a quick adventure.

3.) Slaughter Road – Middletown, NY

Not much history to this place, but years ago a friend of mine told me about this road. Apparently, a guy went psycho and had wrote a list, under the bridge on this road, a list of names the crossed off as he killed each person. Legend has it, if you drive down this road at a certain time of night, and come across a barn, you’ll see bodies hanging in one of the windows. Creepy right? An another crazy legend is that if you decide to find out for yourself if there really are names under the bridge, you’ll find your own name on that list…and that psychotic lunatic will come after you next. ;)

My Personal Experience:
Since it’s right down the road from my house, I bring fellow explorers and ghost hunters to Slaughter Road ALL the time, and we’ve definitely witnessed A LOT. My first experience there, a friend of mine and I decided to bring a Ouija board. As were were playing around with it, a car stopped to talk to us. Turns out, it was a friend of mine from an old job who just happened to be ghost hunting with a friend of his. To really test out the hauntings of the road, we took the Ouija outside of the car, and decided to ask it a few questions about the girl that was in the car with my friend. What was her name, and how old was she? Was our first question. The answer we got on the board was “Martha…20”. So I asked “Martha” for her license and…well…her name WAS indeed Martha and she was indeed 20 years old. That freaked us out…just a bit. So we continue to play around with the board, as my buddy that we ran into, and his friend took a tape recorder and were trying to get some EVP recordings.
And they certainly did. I wish I had a copy of that tape…we weren’t sure exactly what we were hearing, but it did sound like whispering. Creepy eh?

Every other time I’ve gone to Slaughter Road, we’ve heard foot steps, gotten “orbs” in pictures, seen shadows walking towards us. This road lives up to it’s name. DEFINITELY check it out. It’s the one place on here that isn’t trespassing ;).

2.) The Middletown Psych Center – Middletown, NY

JULY 2015 UPDATE: burned down

There aren’t many legends that I’ve heard about this place. A few friends had told me how amazingly awesome it is to explore, and I can’t find out any history online unfortunately. :(

My Personal Experience:
I recently wrote a blog about my experiences at this place…so if you haven’t read it, enjoy it at myspace blog.

And now…for my #1 Haunted/Abandoned place….in case you hadn’t figured it out already…. :)

1.) The Salesian School – Goshen, NY

Well, some GOOD history about the Salesian, is that famous comedian George Carlin attended school here. And that’s pretty much the only good thing to come out of this Catholic School for boys. On the night of August 9th, 1964, a nine year old boy named Paul Ramos, fell/was pushed/jumped off the roof to his death . The case has only been re-investigated within the last few years. The new coroner’s observation is that the distance from the boy’s body to the wall seems too far to suggest he had simply fallen off the roof. Disputes over the time of death, uncooperative staff, and student records missing in a 1970 fire, have all been dilemma’s in solving the cause of the boy’s death. It was suspected that the priests had abused the boys, leading too many of them to commit suicide. (one drowning in the swamp, one hanging himself in the tower, and even the boy who ‘fell’ off the roof)

My Personal Experience:
Hearing footsteps, and voices. Feeling a cold presence in the chapel area of the school. Seeing faces in the windows of doors. This place is by far the most haunted place I’ve been too. Unfortunately, the house on the property has been torn down, and where it once stood, they’re in the process of building a park. As for the school, it still stands, but highly secured with gates, and constantly patrolled by police. (I have indeed gotten arrested going here…so…be forewarned…).

-All of these places are amazing. If you do have any questions about any of the above mentioned sites, feel free to email me: [email protected].

I hope this article sparked some interest in explorers and non explorers alike.


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