My Top 15 Favorite People to Follow on Twitter

Articles | By on Jun 11th, 2009

Twitter this, Twitter that. Tweet, Twat, Twit, Tit. Everyone is talking about Twitter these days. That doesn’t mean I’m not using it too! I’m following more and more people everyday and I like to read what celebs are doing. If you got time to kill, it’s fun reading what your favorite celebs are up to. It’s like being at a Hollywood party, but only you’re not invited and you feel like a stalker.

I don’t have a fancy schmancy iPhone to tweet with, but I mainly use iGoogle’s Twitter Gadget or just use the actual Twitter website. Since joining Twitter, I follow a select group of celebs, bands, comedians, and websites that I like or find funny. Here’s a quick list of celebrities to follow on Twitter…AND not one of them is Ashton Kutcher! YAY!
Why is on this list?! I don’t know, but figured I would whore myself out even more by listing my twitter account here. If you don’t feel like visiting every minute to see if I actually updated the damn site, now you can follow ReadJunk for updates. We’re using the sometimes handy “Twitterfeed” to do updates for us. Plus I add Twitter updates here and there as well. Its fun to follow us!

Michael Ian Black
I think the best people to follow on Twitter are comedians. They are the ones that can get the best chuckle out of you in 140 words or less. Michael Ian Black of The State, VH1 shows and the upcoming Michael and Michael Have Issues will have you laughing out loud while reading his many tweets on random things. I find it especially funny when he makes fun of his kids.

Nick Frost
Nick Frost is a British comedian/actor and co-star of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Spaced and Man Stroke Woman. He sends out updates a lot throughout the day, and talks about how shooting went for his current film “Paul.” He also usually tweets about football matches, and food.

Kevin Smith
Kevin’s been on MySpace, and other various websites for awhile now but Twitter seems to be his new thing. He gives updates from the set of his new movie, A Couple of Dicks, starring Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan. Besides that, he talks about other geeky things and hockey. It just sucks he’s a NJ Devils fan. BOO!

Jon Favreau
Favreau is another director that has been on various Social networking sites in the past, and he’s been giving fans updates from the set of Iron Man 2. He talks about how the shooting as gone, and what he’s looking forward on the weekends. I wish he would upload a picture of Scarlett Johansson from Iron Man 2 though!

Charley Boorman
Charley Boorman is Ewan McGregor’s best friend and bike buddy who’s now a famous world traveler. Besides the Long Way Round/Down series, he’s off in Australia and other countries filming By Any Means 2 with cameraman Claudio von Planta. They give updates through Twitter and even post some photos via Twitpic as well. Claudio gives more updates on the filming than Charley does. Still worth following both guys if you like their TV series.

Aziz Ansari
Aziz is a comedian and actor who stars in the NBC show Parks and Recreations. His Twitter claim to fame was when he took on IMAX for offering tiny screens for Star Trek and still charging people 15 bucks for it. Bravo Aziz!

Ethan Suplee
Actor Ethan Suplee of My Name is Earl, Mallrats, and Remember The Titans has a lot of funny things to say. He seems to tweet quite a lot, which might be because he’s unemployed at the moment since My Name is Earl got canceled. It seems like he’s a punk rock fan as well since he brought up Leftover Crack in a tweet once. Rock on!

Rainn Wilson
Rainn Wilson is Dwight from the Office. I can’t even describe the stuff he tweets about. Some of the things are out there, yet still funny & weird. I think we’re all waiting for the day when Jenna Fischer signs up to Twitter.

Diablo Cody
The writer of Juno is one funny gal. I don’t always like the things she talks about, but she has a good take on pop culture regardless. She seems to watch some shitty shows on TV. I always look forward to reading her Entertainment Weekly columns as well.

Jason Hawes / Grant Wilson
Jason and Grant are from TAPS and Sci-Fi’s Ghost Hunters. Besides talking about the show and their investigations, they update their followers on their daily life.

Rob Huebel
Actor/comedian Rob Huebel has been on Human Giant, Upright Citizen Brigade and even on the Office this season. But I know him from the “Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man” commercials that used to be shown before movies. The guy is one of the funniest guys on Twitter!

Adam Savage
Adam Savage is the co-host of Mythbusters on Discovery Channel. Adam tweets about the show and the things they are currently doing. Sometimes he posts a few photos from their current myth-busting project. As of right now, Grant Imahara is on there as well.

Russell Brand
People either love Russell Brand or hate him. I think the guy is really funny, and offers up a lot of laughs on Twitter. I hope he releases a full album when his new movie “Get Him to the Greek” comes out. “Inside of You” and “You Gotta Do Something” are brilliant and hilarious songs!

Nathan Fillion
Captain Malcolm Reynolds, a.k.a., Nathan Fillion, finally has a show that wasn’t canceled (Castles on ABC). He’s frequently on Twitter, updating his fans on what’s he currently doing, and re-tweeting with other actors. He seems to have a lot of funny yet insightful tweets.

Well that’s it for this list. If you’re a celebrity and you’re actually reading this list and think I forgot you…Don’t worry, I’m probably twitter stalking you too! I might end up writing another list just of bands and musicians that I follow. Stay tune for that! If you have a favorite celeb or comedian that you like to follow on Twitter and it’s someone I forgot, post it in the comment section!


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