People on eBay are Stupid

Articles | By on Dec 11th, 2007

People can be so damn annoying & stupid on eBay! I sell things on there pretty regularly, since I’m poor and need all the money I can get. But if you’re a seller on there, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

I decided to put some Disney DVD on eBay and it sold for less than 4 bucks. First, one of the bidders tells me she doesn’t want to bid anymore because I don’t accept Paypal. I clearly stated in big red letters, “I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL” on the product page. Plus it’s underlined! It amazes me how much people don’t read something before buying it. I don’t accept Paypal because I really don’t see the need for it. Why use Paypal when I’m selling CDs for 3 bucks? Along with eBay, Paypal takes out money and I just don’t feel like making 50 cents off a CD by the time it’s all said and done. Of course buyers will never understand this.

So, back to this stupid woman who wrote me about not accepting Paypal. I write her back and say that she can retract her bid if she wants. She never does and ends up winning the auction. Fine, if she wants the DVD still, she can send a check. If not, I’ll give her negative feedback for not reading. I send out the DVD and notice a tiny crack on the case when sending it out. Apparently the crack got bigger in the mail and she writes me back. “The DVD case is cracked and broken; I can’t give this as a gift. I want a refund!” I apologized and said it must have gotten broken in the mail. And said if she wants to send it back, I’ll refund her money. She replies it will cost me more money to send it back. I offered one last suggestion, out of the goodness of my heart, and she still didn’t offer it…so fuck her. I said I would send a blank DVD case for her, yet she didn’t accept it. She replied “I’ll just give it away; I’m sure some little girl will be happy with it.” Was this woman trying to give me a guilt trip or something? Or was she trying to get a FREE DVD out of everything and make me pay for everything? I simply ignored her and put her on my block list. I don’t have time to put up with retards on eBay who probably just make it habit to complain and bitch about stuff they get. I bitch a lot but it’s usually the result of stupid people, like this woman. And to think, this whole ordeal was over a 4 fucking dollar Disney DVD!


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