50 Ska Pick-Up Lines

Pick Up Lines | By on Jan 1st, 2004

1. Hi, I run a successful Ska website.
2. Want to find out what mustard plug really means?
3. Here’s a message for you, come over here and blow me!
4. Nice wingtips, wanna fuck?
5. Yup that’s my penis. Wanna pick it up?

6. Do you know what a Rusty Trombone is?
7. I like my Ska how I like my woman. Bouncy and Horny.
8. I’m Bad in Plaid but I’m not bad in bed!
9. Wanna see my dreadlock pubes?
10. My parents dropped me off here but I need a ride back, can you drive me home?
11. If you were Ska vinyl, I’d flip you over and try not to scratch you
12. Don’t let the bastards grind you down but you can grind me all you want
13. Hey did anyone ever tell you look like Monique Powell?
14. Take warning, my cock is 25 inches long!
15. Let’s listen to the NY Ska/Jazz Ensemble and fall asleep together.
16. Just think of me like Pez. Once you had me once, you’ll want more.
17. You ever fuck on a scooter before?
18. Hey, I’m the singer of the Pietasters.
19. Do I have to do a cheesy Ska pick up line or do you just want to do it?
20. What’s that in your eye? Oh sorry that’s my cock.
21. You know who King Tubby is; well people call me King Chubby.
22. I met Terry Hall. Yes you can touch me.
23. Talk is cheap, and so are you.
24. What?! You don’t think No Doubt is Ska? Well let’s argue it over dinner.
25. Wanna go listen to some Meph and burn some bibles?
26. One of the Skatalites passed away, why don’t you come over and comfort me?
27. “My dog’s ass looks like your chelsea haircut but I’m drunk and horny so you’ll do”
28. Let’s go pilfer something together
29. Since we’re in a ghost town, wanna make out?
30. I like my rude girls how like my coffee. Hot and milky.
31. I see you have purple hair, does the drapes match the carpet?
32. Want to go to my house of fun?
33. Your so hot you’re almost “Too Hot.”
34. You like Ska and Jesus too?
35. I like my rude girls how I like my music. Slow and Quiet.
36. Wanna go to a nude beach?
37. Wanna slurp on my spit valve?
38. You’re such a hot rude girl that I’d eat your shit just to see where it came from.
39. Besides my head, I also shaved another part of my body. Wanna see?
40. How much do you cost, 1.09?
41. I don’t have a reel big fish but I got something else that’s reel big
42. Why don’t you skank into my bedroom
43. Have any rudeboy in you? want some?
44. Some call me the Porkman, wanna find out why?
45. Hey I got an idea, let’s go bowling?
46. Free Nelson Mandela. But first, let’s free my cock.
47. I bought this bitchin vinyl the other day of the Desmond Dekker, wanna come over and listen to it?
48. Why don’t we ditch our parents and go make out in the alley?
49. You must be one of those girls who’s too nice too talk to?
50. I can be your 3 minute hero

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