Civet Pick-Up Lines

Pick Up Lines | By on Sep 11th, 2008


Civet is an all-girl Sunset Strip-style punk n’ roll band who would sooner bash your head in with your own severed arm than accept a rose from you. But still, there’s no use in trying right? We asked you, gentle reader, for the perfect line to win over these ferocious femme fatales.

Here are the top 20 pick-up lines that and our readers have come up with. We cannot guarantee that Civet will swoon, but we’re sure your face will be tattooed with either smooches or closed-fist slaps.

1. You have a song called You Don’t Know Me. How does one get to know you?
2. Can I have your autograph? How about your number?
3. Nice plaid skirt. It would look even better on my floor in the morning.
4. There’s a circle pit in my pants and you’re invited!
5. Hi, I’m a concert promoter. Would you like to come play my festival? The only thing is, Civet would be the only band playing and the festival would take place in my bedroom. Do we have a deal?
6. Ive never been on a tour bus before. Care to show me yours?
7. Want to see my vast collection of Chuck Taylors back at my place?
8. So what REALLY happens backstage?
9. Do you have any tattoos that AREN’T showing right now?
10. Can I crowd surf on you?
11. As a group, do you girls DO EVERYTHING together?
12. You play guitar in a punk band? What do you know, so do I! Want to play together?
13. I’m wondering what we will look like together 40 years from now.
14. Are your leather pants made of Windex…’cause I can see myself in them!
15. I’m sure you’re sick of eating fast food everyday on tour. How about I take you out somewhere nice to eat?
16. Lets go get a Black Flag tattoo together.
17. Can I buy a Civet t-shirt? Is your number included in the deal?
18. I noticed you were noticing me on stage. Why don’t we go out for a beer and notice each other some more.
19. Take Me Away with you!
20. How much for everything!?

*Thanks to Adhab Al-Farhan (Silver Spring, MD), Ed Nemmers (Skokie, IL), Katherine Gaines (Jacksonville, AR) for helping out!


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