Jeff Goldblum Pick-Up Lines

Pick Up Lines | Nov 28th, 2007

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Jeff Goldblum is the greatest actor…ever! There’s no debate about it. Besides being ReadJunk’s One True Goldblum (OTG), he also has a way with the ladies. Perhaps he used lines from the various movies he appeared in? I’ve compiled a small list of the best Jeff Goldblum movie quotes that could be used for pick-up lines. If you use these pick-up lines, you’re on your way to some Blummin’ sex!

01. You want sex with Joe and Mike? (Earth Girls Are Easy)
02. All these weeks I’ve been coming here, I’ve been wanting to ask you something. What I really want to know is… er, what’s your name? (The Tall Guy)
03. What’s the most intense sex thing you ever did? You ever, uh, been with two women at the same time? (Deep Cover)
04. I’m always on the lookout for the future ex-Mrs. Malcolm. (Jurassic Park)
05. A toast, to the end of the world. (ID4)
06. I think you’re making a mistake. I think you really want to talk to me. (The Fly)
07. You’re the most ravishing creature that I’ve ever seen in my life. (Life Aquatic)
08. What is “easy”? (Earth Girls Are Easy)
09. Please? Just dinner? (The Tall Guy)
10. Fuck! is what I’m thinking. (The Fly)
11. I was the captain of the machine gun team. (Vibes)
12. I’ve heard some nice things about you. (Mad Dog Time)
13. I’m an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over… and the insect is awake. (The Fly)
14. I like to breathe, I’m good at it. (Vibes)
15. Uh, what’s your dog’s name? (Life Aquatic)
16. When I look at you, I have hope that maybe one day our humanity will surpass our technology. (Powder)
17. God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs… (Jurassic Park)
18. I’ve come here to say one magic word to you. …Cheeseburger (The Fly)
19. A man has two things in this world: his word and his balls. Or is that three things? (Deep Cover)
20. Don’t be afraid. (The Fly)


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