Jesus Christ Pick-Up Lines

Pick Up Lines | By on Jan 1st, 2003

1) Want a good seat at my crucifixion?
2) Can I nail you to a cross? No, then how about in a bed?
3) Wanna find out what’s under these robes?
4) Nice sandals, wanna fuck?
5) Want a glass of “water”?

6) Hey baby, I can walk on water
7) They call me Jesus H. Christ. The H stands for Hotstuff.
8) You know, my father was the creator of the universe?
9) You know, someone wrote a book about me.
10) My nickname is Superstar
11) God damn, it’s hot out here. Why don’t we take off our clothes?
12) I can kill people with lightning. Oh wait, that’s Zeus.
13) Wanna find out about my real passion?
14) People always shout my name in bed, now you can have the real thing
15) C’mon, I died for your sins. Show me your tits.
16) Don’t worry about your hymen – I’ve got healing powers!
17) I taught Benny Hinn everything he knows. Yes, even the forehead tap thing too.
18) You’re pretty hot for a leper.
19) Hey, want to go to a stoning together?
20) Wanna put the body of Christ in your mouth?
21) The meek shall inherit my sperm.
22) I’ll never leave you – I promise to come back some day.
23) I know Pat Robertson.
24) Let’s go out for supper, I promise it won’t be the last
25) Jesus Christ, you’re hot.


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