Ninja Pick-Up Lines

Pick Up Lines | Nov 11th, 2007

Take a man, immerse him in intense training for years and send him out on deadly missions against samurais, pirates and dinosaurs where he may not come back alive. That kind of life can get lonely. If you are, have been, or plan on becoming a ninja in the future and wind up in some hole in the wall tavern or a biker dive, try some of these helpful pickup lines to land that one night stand that you so desperately need. And remember ladies, ninjas need lovin’ too!

1.Sword? Yeah, I have a sword. Let me unsheathe it for you.

2.Yessiree, I am a master staff handler. Care to show me your technique?

3.If you come over to my hut, I’ll let you handle my puff balls.

4.Fukiya or blowgun…whichever you prefer to do.

5.Hey baby, I’ll take you so high that you’ll have to call me a Zen master.

6.Like my master used to say, it’s always good to train with a partner.

7.I’m sure that you can show me some advanced blowgun techniques.

8.The true path to enlightenment leads right to my bedroom door.

9.Your beauty has struck me like a blow dart straight through my heart.

10.Ninjas do it best at night. Let me show you.

11.Baby, I know you want to see my long sword.

12.I am an assassin, now will you let me in that ass?

13.Let me disprove the theory that ninjas are like shadows and only come at night and are gone by sunrise.

14.I will train you in the great ninja way of hands and knees meditation.

15.Take it from me sweetheart, Chuck Norris ain’t got nuthin on me!

16.Let’s go back to my place and you can help me practice my aim.

17.The glimmer of your eyes reminds me of the sparkle of a blood-spattered sai on a moonlit night.

18.Once you get a taste of my poison tip, you’ll be dying for more.

19.My sword isn’t the only thing that I have that can penetrate your flesh.

20.I’m a master of hundreds of hand and finger techniques.

21.I was sent to kill you but how about a quick shag instead?

22.I just slipped some poison in your drink. The antidote? Yeah, it’s back at my place.

23.I believe it is my destiny to spend this evening with you.

24.Come with me or die!

25.Can I make this the most exciting night of your entire life? Shuriken.