The Walking Dead Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Lines | Feb 24th, 2013

Even people in the zombie-infested world of The Walking Dead have to find love..or at the very least, get some every once and awhile. I’d imagine the characters living in the Walking Dead world would use these 60 pick up lines. Or maybe not since by the time they try to ask these, they will probably would have been eaten alive already.

1. Want to see my aquarium of walker heads?
2. Baby, this is a DICKatorship!
3. I’ve noticed you from afar, in my scope…
4. If I shot an arrow through our heart will you still believe I’m Cupid?
5. The sight of you cleaning your sword really turns me on.

6. I made this ear necklace just for you!
7. Where were you when the outbreak happened?
8. Want to hop on my chopper and kill some walkers together?
9. I can make a lovely squirrel casserole.
10. What do you say that we go check out what’s in that barn?
11. I’m feeling kinky, let’s do it on a pile of walkers.
12. I want to infest all my time with getting to know you.
13. What am I Governor of? How ‘bout yer ass!
14. Do you know where Carl is? No? Wanna fuck?
15. I just got bite…with your love
16. My wife just turned into a zombie. So….I’m single now.
17. Can my pet zombies watch?
18. I’m on Carl watch, care to join me?
19. What do you think of my Sheriff’s hat?
20. I put the Bi in “zombie.”
21. What’s your preferred weapon to kill?
22. I’m a biter too.
23. My jacket has angel wings on the back. I’ve been sent down from heaven to protect you.
24. If I turned into a walker, I’d come after you first!
25. Fuck me if I’m wrong, but I think there IS a cure!
26. Want to go into town with me and make out in a convenience store?
27. How many walkers will it take for me to kill until you have sex with me?
28. Hurry! Walkers are almost here, say you’ll go out with me!
29. When I’m not leading my group, I also volunteer at the abandoned old folks home.
30. Your beauty is eating away at my heart.
31. I like the taste of toes.
32. Wanna tie me to a tree and do stuff to me?
33. Do you need a leg massage since you’ve been running from Roamers all day?
34. We’re all infected, might as well make the best of it!
35. I’ll lower my weapon if you lower yours first.
36. You know, I’m good at head shots.
37. If I was a zombie, I think I would like the taste of you.
38. I may have one leg but I have something else to balance me out if you know what I’m saying.
39. I used to be a football player before the Apocalypse. What did you do?
40. I lost all my children now, want to create some new ones?
41. I think you’re beautiful, chew on that for a little bit!
42. Wanna go kill some zombies in the ‘burbs and screw in the car afterwards?
43. Are you into necrophilia?
44. Walkers are coming…and so am I
45. I almost got eaten alive. Hold me.
46. What is it with the smell of decomposing bodies that make me think of you?
47. Do you like to get busy in the middle of the woods?
48. I like you, your intestines are still in your body.
49. Man it’s hot in Atlanta, we should get naked.
50. It might just be that I’ve been locked up in a prison for years, but you’re the most beautiful living person I’ve seen in a long time!
51. My right hand may be gone but my left hand can still do all the magic.
52. I like my sex how I like to kill Walkers: quick and dirty
53. Kiss me while I still have my lips.
54. You know, I just happen to have a bed in my RV.
55. “I don’t mean to sound forward. I mean, I know I hardly know you. But I don’t think we’re gonna live through this. And… I’ve never been with a man before.”
56. I’m missing an eye but I can clearly see you’re in love with me.
57. Sweetie, you got everything: brains, body and the fact that you’re still alive is a big plus!
58. Give me a call later so we can flesh out all the details.
59. I Chews Chews Chews You!
60. Two words: ZOMBIE ORGY!

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