Top 50 Schwarzenegger Quotes That Sound Like Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Lines | Jan 1st, 2004

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1. Come with me if you want to live (Terminator 2)
2. Yes I was in a movie…It was called, the girl of my dreams…. it starred you. Matter of fact, we have this very romantic scene together (Last Action Hero)
3. Come on baby, you know you’re the girl of my dreams. (Total Recall)
4. Nice night for a walk (Terminator)
5. Ya know, you’re the best celebrity look alike I’ve ever seen. (Last Action Hero)

6. Hello Cutie Pie (Running Man)
7. Blow me (True Lies)
8. First, I’d like to just get to know you (Kindergarten Cop)
9. Hi Little Girl (Jingle All The Way)
10. Born to be bad (Twins)
11. Do flowers grow around here?” (Conan The Barbarian)
12. Howdy Stranger (Total Recall)
13. My mission is to protect you (Terminator 2)
14. I’m not a pervert…I was just looking for Turbo Man doll (Jingle All The Way)
15. Great Day Huh? (Kindergarten Cop)
16. Well I hope you have room for my fist, because I’m going to ram it into your stomach and break your goddamn spine! (Running Man)
17. You’re my number 1 customer! (Jingle All The Way)
18. Stop being such a wimp. (End Of Days)
19. You’re alive, and I’ll keep you that way (Eraser)
20. Hey, I’m a police officer (Kindergarten Cop)
21. What can I say, I’m a spy (True Lies)
22. You moved too soon (Twins)
23. Your clothes…give them to me (Terminator)
24. I want you to walk around in a circle…GO! (Kindergarten Cop)
25. When I said you should go screw yourself, I didn’t mean you to take it literally (6th Day)
26. My name is Freeze, learn it well, for it’s the chilling sound of your doom. (Batman & Robin)
27. I remember you…scumbag! (Commando)
28. I’m afraid and I’m shy. (Conan The Barbarian)
29. Now I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions, and I want them answered immediately. (Kindergarten Cop)
30. Now remember, I can break your neck like a chickens’ (Running Man)
31. It’s turbo time (Jingle All The Way)
32. Let’s rock n roll (Twins)
33. You’re one ugly mother fucker (Predator)
34. I’m going to be around you a lot. Days, nights, weekends, holidays (Kindergarten Cop)
35. Well I saved a life today…what the hell did you do! (End Of Days)
36. I’m the famous comedian, Arnold Groundsloggen (Last Action Hero)
37. You’re damaged goods lady (True Lies)
38. You Lack Discipline (Kindergarten Cop)
39. Don’t Move! I’m not going to hurt you (Commando)
40. My name is Julius and I’m your twin brother (Twins)
41. Don’t move. You’re dead (Eraser)
42. Where’s Quato? (Total Recall)
43. Well I got news for you. You’re mine now! You Belong to ME! (Kindergarten Cop)
44. Who the fuck are you? (End Of Days)
45. What would I do without you? (Jingle All The Way)
46. Who is your daddy and what does he do? (Kindergarten Cop)
47. It’s me that you want! (Commando)
48. Oh, there’s a lot of about me you don’t know (End Of Days)
49. I don’t remember you. I don’t remember us. I don’t even remember me. (Total Recall)