Product Review: Skullcandy Headphones

Articles | Oct 10th, 2007

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Skullcandy SCS-SCM Skullcrusher Subwoofer Multimedia Headphones

I never really did a product review so I’m not entirely sure how great this review will be. I was recently sent some Skullcandy headphones to try out and talk about on I figured, hey I like headphones, I can talk about it for a few paragraphs. I could have chosen from a bunch of different headphones but I ended up picking to review, the Skullcandy SCS-SCM Skullcrusher Subwoofer Multimedia Headphones. Not sure why I ended up with going with these, it might have been the cool looking design. The headphones are compact but big, black with sleek lines on the headphones. Plus there’s the Skullcandy logo all over it. It just looks really cool! If you decide to go with Skullcandy headphones, there’s a bunch of different colors to choose but varies from model to model.

This headphone contains industry first built-in subwoofers. You can control how much bass you want, just like some headphones you can control the volume. This one you can control the bass. It takes one AA battery and sounds a little too bassy for me. I don’t like too much bass when I’m listening to music so I didn’t have up too high. But be warned, if you leave the subwoofer on all the time and forget to turn it off; you’re battery won’t last long. I left it on for a week, not knowing to turn it off, and now it’s dead. One of the biggest problems I have with this headphone model is the way it folds up. Sure, it’s cool that it comes with a pouch that you can put the headphones in and folds up nicely. But that’s the thing; it folds up just by removing them off your head. And when you put them on your head, they aren’t locked in and already folded up when they sit on your head. I’m not sure that’s the way it’s suppose to be but it’s kind of an inconvenience to me. If someone is calling my name at work, I have to remove my headphones. Everytime I do that, the things fold up and I have to click them back together. Maybe I should have asked for ones that don’t do that? I’m willing to look past that because the headphones are still really nice. My music sounds great thru them and if your serious about your headphones, be sure to get a pair from Skullcandy!