ReadJunk’s Fall 2008 TV Preview

Articles | Aug 27th, 2008

Finally! Good TV is coming back and I’m going to tell you which shows I’m checking out this Fall. Most of the TV shows I’m watching this season are returning shows. I still might check out a few new shows but there’s only so many hours in the night after work. And besides, at least I know the networks won’t cancel them so quickly. Here’s a quick run down of the 15 shows I’m watching this Fall (ordered by premiere date):

Real Time With Bill Maher

Premiere Date: Friday August 29th
Network/Time: HBO, 11pm EST

Besides The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, the only other political show I watch is Real Time with Bill Maher. The show that lets everyone talk over each other! It will be certainly be interesting to hear what Bill Maher thinks about the upcoming election. New Rule: Don’t have interviews in the middle of debate portion of the show!

Prison Break

Premiere Date: Monday September 1st
Network/Time: FOX, 8pm EST

The 3rd season was kind of the same old same old with me. It was still interesting & exciting, but didn’t reach any new territory. The 4th season looks like they are going in a completely different direction and that’s a good thing! Instead of a break out, they are breaking into the Company and taking them down for good! Oh yeah, there’s a few surprises in store for us as well.

The Shield

Premiere Date: Tuesday September 2nd
Network/Time: FX, 10pm EST

I missed the last 2 seasons with Glenn Close & Forest Whitaker but got the jest of what happened from last season. Shane is still a slimly, messed up cop. He killed fellow police officer & friend Lem and then got mixed up with the Armenian mafia. Vic’s was still trying to get squeezed out of the Barn by the Chief. Plus a bunch of other shit went down last season as well. It’s going to be an awesome final season that’s for sure! Let’s hope Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” is playing at the end either!

Ghost Hunters

Premiere Date: Wednesday September 3rd
Network/Time: Sci-Fi, 9pm EST

The Ghost Hunters ran ’til June but felt like the show hasn’t really left. Ghost Hunters International filled in the void of the show over the summer but let’s be honest, the show isn’t as good as the original. As much as I like the locations and listening to Barry’s accent, GHI isn’t the same as GH. So seeing TAPS back on the air again is refreshing.


Premiere Date: Sunday September 7th
Network/Time: HBO, 10pm EST

I only got into the show 1 or 2 seasons ago but been hooked since then. Last we left the group, Vince’s shitty movie Medellin failed miserably at Cannes Film Festival and Drama hooked up with a hot chick on the beach. I’m just glad the show is finally moving on from Medellin!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Premiere Date: Monday September 8th
Network/Time: FOX, 9pm EST

See my recent DVD review of the first season here. The first season had a lot of promise and met my expectations half way. I’m hoping the second season drops the teenage drama crap and focuses on fighting terminators & preparing John for the future. I wonder if there will be any T-1000 models coming back to wreck havoc on the Connors? Hopefully this show doesn’t suffer from a sophomore slump.


Premiere Date: Tuesday September 9th
Network/Time: Fox, 8pm EST

Fringe is the only new TV series on this list. The only reason why I want to check this out because it’s a show J.J. Abrams co-created. Since Lost is one of my favorite shows, why not at least watch one or two episodes? The show stars Joshua Jackson, John Noble and Anna Torv. The show is about a research scientist, his son, and a FBI agent who brings them together. It sounds like the show is gonna be like the X-Files a little. Sounds cool.


Premiere Date: Monday September 22nd
Network/Time: NBC, 8pm EST

Heroes is a show that suffered that sophomore slump. I enjoyed lots of parts of Heroes’ second season but many things fell flat. Hiro is back in present time now and not boring us with his adventures in Japan. Hopefully Peter will be a badass more and use his powers. The way it sounds, the third season goes back to the way it was in the very first episode. Let’s hope it doesn’t suck!

My Name Is Earl

Premiere Date: Thursday September 25th
Network/Time: NBC, 8pm EST

There was a lot of funny episodes last season of My Name is Earl. The prison episodes were hilarious but after he got out prison; the show kind of sucked. The episodes I’m referring to is when Earl was in a coma. That could be a Jump the Shark moment if the new season doesn’t knock one out of the park. The finale was pretty funny though so here’s hoping the 4th season is good.

The Office

Premiere Date: Thursday September 25th
Network/Time: NBC, 9pm EST

The Office is my favorite comedy show right now. Just about every episode either makes me laugh out loud or cringe. So Steve Carell and company are doing their jobs. Who would have thought this remake of the UK version would have done so well? I like this version a lot better than the UK version though. I’m curious what’s going to occur this season? Michael is going back to Jan maybe because she’s pregnant with someone else’s baby. Jim and Pam aren’t engaged since Andy stole his thunder. Ryan was getting arrested for insider trading and Toby was off to Costa Rica. The biggest twist of the finale was Dwight sleeping with Angela in the office. GASP! I wonder if the show will address Craig Robinson’s (Daryl) drug arrest on the show? That would be funny. Regardless of what happens, I’ll be watching all season.

Family Guy

Premiere Date: Sunday September 28th
Network/Time: FOX, 9pm EST

I play a new game with myself when I get home from work. No, not that! Whenever I turn the TV on, I bet to myself that Family Guy will always be on some channel. It’s on Fox, Cartoon Network, TBS and Ch. 11! holy crap, I’m surprised it’s not on Comedy Central yet! Anyway, Regardless of the over saturation of the animated show; I’m still looking forward to the new episodes of Family Guy. The last season wasn’t as good as the others but I’m hoping the writer’s strike was to blame for that. Or maybe the manatees stopped picking the ideas for the show? (South Park reference)

The Unit

Premiere Date: Sunday September 28th
Network/Time: CBS, 10pm EST

The Unit has been a show I’ve been watching since the 2nd season. I watched a few episodes the first season but watched every single season after that. The last season saw the group disband and brought back together. They lost Hector, who was a favorite of mine but I guess they had to let someone go? I don’t know, I wonder if the group will allow someone else into their secret unit? Guess we’ll find out in the 4th season!


Premiere Date: Sunday September 28th
Network/Time: Showtime, 10pm EST

If you haven’t seen an episode of Californication; do yourself a favor and go out and watch the pilot. It will hook you in because Hank Moody is one of the best TV characters to be on screen in a long time. Besides his character, there’s funny adult situations on the show and lots of nudity. Can’t get enough nudity. The finale of the first season left many scratching their heads. It was written like it was going to be the series finale, but then the show got picked up. Will Hank and Karen be still together by the end of the second season? Who knows, but I’m certainly going to watch!

Little Britain USA

Premiere Date: Sunday September 28th
Network/Time: HBO, 10:30pm EST

This has been the TV series I have been looking forward to the most. Ever since I heard Little Britain was coming to HBO, I was doing cart wheels. It’s one of my favorite comedies and has so many memorable characters & catch phrases. Matt Lucas & David Walliams created new characters for the US show plus bringing over the old favorites from their UK series. I’m not sure how well the show will do over in America but I’m hoping it does good. That means more TV seasons and maybe even some movies. EH EH EH!

South Park

Premiere Date: Wednesday October 15th
Network/Time: Comedy Central, 10pm EST

Rounding out the TV shows I’m looking forward to seeing this Fall is the new season of South Park. Season 11 was brilliant and pretty freakin’ funny too! Imaginationland was probably the best thing Matt and Trey have done since South Park the movie. So I’m hoping they will stay on top and continue to push the comedy envelope.