Really Bad Songs To Annoy Your Friends With

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Really Bad Songs To Annoy Your Friends With

Did you ever make a Mix tape or Mix Cd for your friends and wanted to annoy the living crap out of them with “secret songs?” Or have you ever had a contest with your friends on what songs are the absolute worst to listen to? Well, I’ll help you out and provide a list of songs and performers to put on mixes, or just download for pure enjoyment!

(Disclaimer: If you’re offended by my comments, sorry we’re stupid).

“Let’s Go Mets”
You got the teamwork..yeah why don’t you get the team to work on smashing the shit out of this song on Cds, cassettes, 8 track, and records

“Rainbow Brite Theme Song”
Woof this is bad

“Voices That Care – For Those in Gulf War”
I hope this doesn’t resurface when we go to war or I’ll move to Canada and live in a secluded area with no radio or TV so I won’t have to listen to this

“We Are The World”
I’d rather go to war and be on the front line than hear this song

All In The Family- “Theme Song”
I think the theme song is the reason why I didn’t watch this show

Alvin And The Chipmunks – “Play That Funky Music”
There has to be a chipmunk song for every song out there..and they all fucking suck!

Another Bad Creation- “Iesha” & “Playground”
I think it’s hysterical hearing little rappers talking about girls..Yo Bitch, gimme my milk money so I can get some rims on my big wheel

Aqua- “Barbie Girl”
Come on Barbie, let’s go party…shoot me now.

Baha Men- “Who the Let Dogs Out”
Yes you know the song, gets real annoying real fast

Barking Dogs- “Jingle Bells”
Makes me want to celebrate a different holiday when I hear this

Barney- “Theme Song”
What’s worse, watching the show for the full half hour, or dressing up like the purple piece of shit and kids beating you up? You be the judge!

Barry Williams- “Real Greg Brady”
Yes, Barry Williams sings…and spoofs Enimem.. You Must Hear This!

Bart Simpson- “Do The Bart Man”
I like the Simpsons, but man, this wasn’t necessary

Billy Bob Thornton- “Angelina”
Billy Bob’s Notes to Himself: “Note to self: Never sing about your wife. It will make you look stupid in the end. Another Note: Save up for Tattoo removal”

Billy Crystal- “You Look Mahvalous”
Yo Billy, you’re bit wasn’t funny when you did it on SNL. What makes you think this will make it funnier when singing in character?

Billy Gilman- “One Voice”
Yeah, I hope this kid gets beat up severely on the playground. I had to hear this song all summer in the movie theater once

Billy Ray Cyrus- “Achy Breaky Heart”
Try listening to the full version of this song by the King of the Mullets

Brady Bunch “It’s a Sunshine Day”
I’m glad Alice didn’t record any songs! Oh Wait, I think she did.

Brady Bunch “Time To Change”
I remember this episode. The middle kid was hitting puberty and singing. I wish that part was on this song

Brak- “I Love Beans”
From Space excuses, this is horrible to listen to

Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo- George Kranz- “Din Daa Daa”
Get down and funky like Ozone & Turbo

Buster Poindexter- “Hot Hot Hot”
First he’s doing punk rock, now cheesy calypso?

C & C Music Factory- “Things That Make You Go Hmmm”
…Like who wrote this dumb song?

California Dreams – “Theme Song”
Show worse than Saved By The Bell, and lamer too.

Captain and Tenille- “Love Will Keep Us Together”
Another song to make me bring up my lunch

Carmen Electra- “Everybody Get On Up”

Cher- “If I Could Turn Back Time”
If I could go and turn back time, it would be to hit the skip button on this song.

Chicago Bears- “Superbowl Shuffle”
I’d rather have my balls electrocuted than here this song all the way through

Chunky A – “Sorry”
I guess Arsenio Hall was supposed to make fun of rap but became the joke instead

Colour Me Badd – “I Wanna Sex You Up”

David Hasselhoff- “More Than Words Can Say”
Yeah Europeans can hate Americans all they like, but they still love the Hasselhoff

Dionne Warwick- “That’s What Friends are For”
Friends are also good at bailing you out of jail too

Disney- “It’s a Small World”
Try going to this ride. Bet you a million dollars you won’t get this song out of your head

Disney- “The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room”
I actually went to this attraction, yes, truly annoying

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince- “A Nightmare On My Street”
Classic song about Freddy Krueger. Freddy makes a cameo in this song. Yeah, Freddy likes rap just a little bit too much

Don Johnson- “Heartbeat”
Another case of a bad actor, really awful singer

Dr. Demento- “Fish Heads”
I hope who wrote this song is swimming with the fishes

Eddie Murphy- “Boogie in your butt”
If Eddie Murphy had to regret one thing in life. No, not picking up a Transvestite hooker, it’s making this song

Fat Boys- “Are You Ready For Freddy”
One of the many songs Freddy Krueger sings with Rap groups..yeah, pretty shitty

Fatboys & Chubby Checker- “The Twist”
Yeah, this is just sad to hear

Fishbone & Annette Funichello- “Jamaica Ska”
Yeah, the lady from the Mickey Mouse Club skanks it up and sings with Fishbone. One to torture all rudeboys and rastas with

Four Non Blondes- “What’s Going On”
Try locking someone in the car with this song playing on repeat, see how bad they want to get out. Classic

Friends- Phoebe Buffay and the Hairballs- “Smelly Cat”
I’m so glad they don’t have this crap on the show anymore

Gerardo- “Rico Suava”
We may be laughing at this song, but he’s laughing at us now because he’s a record label exec making millions

Gospel Bible Kid Songs- “I Am A C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N”
Nothing worse than Christian songs. Though what’s even worse, sung by Christian kids!

Green Jello- “Three Little Pigs”
Gwar rip off and a very terrible song

Hanson- “Mmm Bop”
You know the song so there’s no reason to talk about it

Hulk Hogan & the Wrestling Boot Band- “I Want To Be A Hulkmaniac”
Classic bad song! Want to hear a wrestler rap, then get this song

Jamie Walters- “How Do You Talk To An Angel”
I remember when they played this poo on the radio. I believe they still do, which is just sad

Jesse Camp- “See You Around”
Truly awful

Jessie And The Rippers- “Forever”
From Full House. Have mercy this song wasn’t popular for ever

Jim Belushi- “Smokin’ Blues”
White people shouldn’t sing the blues! And washed up actors shouldn’t sing the blues either

Jimmy Fallon- “Idiot Boyfriend”
I’d rather have herpes than hear this song

Joe Pesci- “Wiseguy”
I love it when Italians try to act like rappers. Just plain cringy. “It’s the Bitches thata getcha”

Joey Baseballs- “How you Doin”
The song when the Yankees win a game, or was it for the playoffs? Either way, it’s fucking horrible!

Joey Lawrence- “Anything For Love”
Whoa!!! CRAP!!! Whoa!!!

Johnny Wakelin- “Muhammad Ali”
I think Ali wants to beat the shit out of this person for putting this song in existence

Jonathan Richman- “There’s Something About Mary”
I thought this guy was a joke when I saw this movie..Nope, I’m wrong..he’s serious but I guess that’s a joke

Kid Songs- “Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me”
Ahh, Kid songs..have fun torturing the whole family!

Kids Of Widney High- “Insect Song”
Classic brutal song

Leonard Nimoy”Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”
One of the lamest songs out there. Though I’ll bet you’ll be singing it afterwards! “Bilbo..Baggins..He’s only 3 Feet Tall” AHH!!!!

Lou Bega- “Mambo Number 5”
1, 2, 3, 4, 5..i’m a one hit wonder and I want to die

Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch- “Good Vibrations” & “Walk on the Wild Side” Try bring up the name Marky Mark to Mark Walberg now. Let’s see how fast he punches you..haha

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen- “Critters On My Crackers” & “Peanut Butter”
They may be hot but man, they make AWFUL songs!

Mc Hammer- “Pray” & “This is What We Do” &”Addams Family”
I can’t believe I know the lyrics to these songs

Menudo- “Claridad”
Ricky Martin and a bunch of other Spanish kids rock out…extremely badly

Michael Bolton- “When A Man Loves A Woman”
This no talent ass clown is dreadful

Michael Winslow & The LA Dream Team- “Citizens On Patrol”
From Police Academy 4, Michael Winslow raps it up with The LA Dream team for a really bad rap song..(Insert bad sound effect from Winslow)

Milli Vanilli- “Girl You Know It’s True”
Catchy song but just funny to put on someone’s mix. Bet 90 percent of America has this song on their computer or knows the lyrics

Muppets- “Mahna Mahna”
I like the muppets but this is freakin annoying after awhile

Napoleon XIV- “They’re Coming To Take Me Away”
You want to physically kill someone with a song? This is it

New Kids on the Block- “The Right Stuff”
I just threw up in my mouth a little

Partridge Family- “I Think I Love You”
Not as bad as Brady Bunch songs, but up there

Pat Boone- “Enter Sandman”
Yeah, just what we need. A stupid gospel singer singing classic metal songs. Go back singing about how Jesus is never coming back stupid!

Patrick Swayze- “She’s Like The Wind”
One hit wonder with both movies and music!

Patti Page- “Doggie in the window”
God, kids songs are bad

Pee-Wee Herman- “Surfin Bird”
Pee Wee Herman is irritating without singing, so you can imagine how bad this song is

Peter, Paul, and Mary- “Puff the Magic Dragon”
I like their other song, Snort the White Snow

Popeye- “I Yam What I Yam”
Nope, not the cartoon. This is from the Robin Williams movie. Yeah, this is real bad

Prince- “Batdance”
I always thought he said “fucked” instead of “funked”..maybe the song would have been better if Prince said fucked

Quad City Djs- “C’mon N’ Ride It”
Wow, a song about dancing like a train..pretty dumb

Ray Stevens- “Ahab the Arab”
This guy’s an idiot, not literally, but man, is this song stupid

Rednex- “Cotton Eyed Joe”
Nothing worse than redneck techno pop

Retards (?)- “Time of My Life”
Want to laugh at a song and know you’re going to hell for it?

Return of the Jedi- “Jedi Rock”
One of the first things that people knew Lucas shouldn’t have touched the original versions of Star Wars

Right Said Fred- “Too Sexy”
When you wear mesh shirts in your music videos, you know this song is going to be great

Rodney Dangerfield “Twist And Shout”
Rodney, stick to your stand up please

Rolf Harris- “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport”
Good torturing song

Roseanne Barr- “National Anthem”
She gets an award for butchering our national anthem

School House Rock- “Fifty Nifty United States”
Blech, patriot kid songs

Sesame Street & REM- “Furry Happy Monsters”
REM’s Sesame Street version of Shiny Happy People. I’m sure they are real embarrassed for this one

Shaq- “Shoot Pass Slam”
Why don’t you practice some free throws, instead of making this crap?

Spice Girls- “Wannabe”
Whenever this song comes on, I want to stick knives in my ears

Starland Vocal Band- “Afternoon delight”
Remember that song in PCU, where Jeremy Piven locks everybody in a room and hits repeat, yeah this is the song

Stephen Sondheim- “Company”
Most annoying musical song ever!

Steve Urkel- “Do The Urkel”
It’s sad, I saw this episode of Family Matters. Ok, I’ll go hang myself now

Stryper- “To Hell With The Devil”
Stupid Christian metal..Jesus had a mullet so everyone thinks it’s cool to sing about him in metal bands

Super Mario Brothers- “Do The Mario”
Want to a cringe worthy song? Try finding this piece of flaming dogshit

Tag Team- “Whoomp There It Is”
There it is, and there it goes, into the one hit wonder category

Ted Knight- “Itsy Bitsy”
The old guy from Caddyshack and Too Close To Comfort has a whole album of this dreadful music. A Truly wonderful piece of crap. Listen to it here!

Telly Savalas- “Honey”
Another dead actor who sung like crap

The Hobbit- “The Greatest Adventure”
Must be on shrooms to enjoy this

The Moffats- “Girl Of My Dreams”
Music doesn’t usually make me want to vomit, but the Moffats do. Congrats!

Tiny Tim- “Tip-Toe Through the Tulips”
I can’t even listen to 2 seconds of this

Tom Green- “The Bum Bum Song”
People are really stupid sometimes, this piece of shit was number 1 on TRL for like 3 weeks..fucking idiots!

Tori Spelling- “Enter You”
If there was a God, God wouldn’t let no talent actresses sing

Vanilla Ice- “Ninja Rap”
Yes, I could do “Ice Ice Baby” but this is more obscure and embarrassing. Though sadly, I think this song works in the movie

Village People- “Macho Man” & “In The Navy”
Self explanatory

Ween- “Push The Little Daisies”
I remember this garbage from Beavis and Butthead..Ugh, just makes me cringe listening to it

Wesley Willis- “Rock N Roll Mcdonalds”
It amazes me how much people like this. Though I don’t think people think this is actually good music. He uses the same beat in every song. This is beyond Brutal

Whoopi Goldberg- “Dancing In The Streets”
She sucks at acting, stand up, and now add singing to the mix

William Shatner- “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”
Man, you thought the songs were bad!

Zach Attack- “Friends Forever”
From Saved By The Bell, probably the cheesiest song of the ’90s


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