Recap: Mad Men – Season 3, Episode 10: “The Color Blue”

Articles | Oct 20th, 2009

Mad Men Recap

Sunday night’s episode of Mad Men should have been titled “Fatal Attraction” because that’s exactly where Don is headed with his kooky girlfriend. The Drapers receive a mysterious phone call that hangs up. It could be Don’s girlfriend or it could be Henry calling for Betty. They both look guilty. What’s interesting though is the scene that follows. Don is on the train commuting to work when his girlfriend walks in and takes a seat next to him. She looks a bit disheveled. Don asks if she called last night and she says no. She tells Don that she doesn’t care that he’s married or about his job as long as she knows that he’s with her. Crazy much? On Betty’s end, she calls Henry to see if he called. He’s assertive in his answer and accuses Betty of making up the story just to talk to him.

Don’s attraction to Sally’s teacher is that she comes off as wide-eyed and innocent. She feels too much, much like a child does. The similarities between her and Betty are pretty obvious. However, the differences are there too. Betty’s primary concerns are her feelings. The teacher’s feelings are composed of those around her. There is a discussion about the color blue that Don has with the teacher while they’re in bed. Don’s scientific answer varies from her answer and Don loves that about her.

At home, Betty finds the key to Don’s desk drawer that is always locked. She opens it and finds the box containing all of Don’s history. Pictures of his brother, his army tags, and his divorce decree are in there. What’s interesting is that it appears to be the divorce decree that upsets Betty the most. She waits at home to confront Don and he never comes. At the end of the night she puts the box away.

It is also Sterling Cooper’s anniversary and everyone is expected to attend the party. What the men at Sterling Cooper don’t know is that the party is really to show them off to buyers because they are up for sale. The British came, invaded, and are getting out. Betty goes against her wishes and as Don stands at the podium after a glowing introduction, Betty is disgusted. This scene contrasts nicely with one that happened in a previous season where Don is standing up with other veterans receiving applause. Don’s uncomfortable in that scene and Betty is clapping proudly. In this scene, Don is smiling proudly and Betty is not.

There are only a few more episodes left of Mad Men this season which is upsetting because the series moves at a rather slow pace and I’d hate to see these storylines rushed up.


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