Rich and Canadian

Articles | Nov 15th, 2007

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Dear Americans,

I’m rich and you’re not. Why, you ask? Well it’s simple. My dollar’s better than yours. After years of penis (or pennies) envy, the Canadian dollar has finally beaten the nards out of the American currency and reigned supreme. A couple of things; first and foremost, I’m rich. Secondly, I can buy things from the U.S. for super-cheap.

But then there’s this problem. Just four years ago the Canadian dollar was trading at about 60-odd cents to the dollar, making us feel feeble and unloved (this isn’t true – American girls can’t get enough Canadian lovin’). But because there is a certain amount of merchandise that was bought that the much higher prices, everything here is selling for up to 25% more than in the States. This has led to a ridiculous rush at the border near me to go shopping in…wait for it…Buffalo. Seriously, even discount shopping is still no reason to go to Buffalo, the lint-under-the-big-toe of America. But they’re getting so much business that they’re actually prospering (*shudder*).

The biggest discrepancies for someone like me are found in books. One that I recently picked up had two prices on the back: $12.00US and $18.00CDN. This means that I’d have to pay a full 50% more than I would in the States. The least they could do is give me half of another book.

Of course, I know for a fact that if I worked the same job I work here (elementary school teacher) in most States, I’d be paid about half as much as what I’m making now, making me even poorer in Canadian terms.

The bottom line is that as much as it sucks to pay more for books, at least I don’t live in a country where minimum wage is as low as $5 (or $4.80CDN), and has a tyrannical idiot in power (ever wonder why the dollar slid so much?). For now I’ll go jump in my swimming pool full of Loonies and Toonies (or for you daft Americans, Canadian 1 and 2 dollar coins).