Rock N’ Roll Mcdonalds: A Tribute To The Late, Great Wesley Willis

Articles | Mar 6th, 2005

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Some people say, Wesley Willis was a genius in his own little way. Playing his preprogrammed keyboard while singing hilarious songs such as “Cut the Mullet” and “I Whooped Batman’s Ass”, Wesley was one of a kind. Before he became known, he was homeless on the streets of Chicago. Making a living by selling his artwork and playing his music. If I’m not mistaken, it was Jello Biafra who discovered him. He’s an interesting lyricist that loves to complain about the problems of the world. He even wrote a wonderful tune about killing Osama Bin Laden (live only I think, he kind of made it up when I saw him perform).

He’s been on the Howard Stern show many times, and tours nonstop. He was a hardworking fellow that everyone who had heard him loved. Shortly after Wesley had made his first album, he was diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia, and he now claims to have “schizophrenia demons” in his head that take him from “harmony joy rides” to put him on “torture hell rides”.

I had the great opportunity to see Wesley Willis live about a few months ago. Before he went on to play he was sitting at his merchandise table, talking and meeting with his fans. His way of saying “hello” is a head butt. If he REALLY likes you he doesn’t stop head butting you. I, had the pleasure of quite a few head butts and him not letting me leave. The show itself was pretty intense. You could see the look of joy in his eye when the crowd gathered around him, took lots of pictures and sang along with him. He was a true musician when people were shouting for him to play certain songs and he would just yell back at them “shut the fuck up I’m getting to it you asshole”, if only every band would speak their mind to those idiots who can’t just wait patiently.

And now he’s gone. Wesley will be greatly missed by all of his fans. I’m just hoping idiots don’t go buying his CD’s now just because he died, it seems to be the popular thing to do nowadays, when an artist dies, their CD’s sellout, ugh. Wesley will be forever known as one of the most interesting artists of our time. Thanks for the great tuns Wesley Willis. Rock over London, Rock on Chicago….Wheaties, Breakfast of Champions!