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Articles | Jun 29th, 2007

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As overall record sales continue to plummet, I’d like to take a few moments to discuss the sales for a few records for last week.

Bon Jovi debuts at #1 this week with “Lost Highway”. It sold a whopping 291,532. Congrats Jon Bon, a number one record! Sounds like it’s a big deal, doesn’t it? I mean, can you believe that Bon Jovi gets a number one debut twenty years after the fact? I can’t either. Maybe the 80s fashion comeback has something to do with giving an 80s band a comeback too? Or could it be, just maybe that Bon Jovi can attribute this week’s success to the fact that in order to buy pre-sale tickets to their upcoming concerts, you actually were forced to BUY a copy of the album? Yes, that’s right. The terms of the pre-sale required purchase of “Lost Highway”. Although the sales numbers are accurate, I don’t think the Jovi would have a #1 record had he not pretty much forced his fans to buy his album. So, I suppose congratulations are in order for Meg and Jack?

#5 Paul McCartney’s “Memory Almost Full” comes in at #5 selling 64,351 in its third week on the chart. I’m a terrible fan because I still haven’t heard this record. I’ve seen the odd ghost video and heard a song or two, but not the full album. This is a bit strange for me since I’m a huge Beatles fan, but we’re talking about Paul McCartney, not the Beatles. Yesterday, however he was very Beatlesesque and gave the folks at Amoeba Music in Hollywood a fantastic hour and a half long performance. He showcased a number of Beatles songs, and from the clips I saw on the news it looked absolutely amazing. Heck, even Ringo showed up!

Mandy Moore put out a new album? Yeah, she did and it debuted at #30 this week selling 25,146 copies. Man, I bet she wishes the “License to Wed” Marketing people were behind this one! I’ve seen countless ads for that bad movie, and heard nothing about her bad album. Ok, that’s not fair, I don’t know her album is bad, I’m just guessing. This is the first album being put out by The Firm, and by the looks of things they should just stick to management.

I bet John Nolan and Shaun Cooper are kicking themselves so, so hard right now. Straylight Run’s “Needles The Space” debuts at #72 selling 9,831 units. Nuff said.

Polyphonic Spree’s “Fragile Army” debuted at #124. Their previous release, “Together We’re Heavy” debuted at 121 on Hollywood, too bad they couldn’t beat it for a career high. At #124 they sold 6,007 copies. I didn’t hear anything about this album’s release either, I don’t think I’m that much out of the loop.

Let’s hear it for Mike Patton who is continuously able to get people to buy into his wacky endeavors. One of his many projects, Tomahawk put out “Anonymous” which debuted at #158 selling 4,906.

I must say I’m surprised that I ever heard the name “Rodrigo Y Gabriella” again after that YouTube clip of them on Letterman was passed around like mad. I have to say, they were impressive but I just didn’t think anything would ever come of them. I’m not saying that # 178 and 4,497 copies is stunning by any means, but I am saying bueno for Rodrigo Y Gabriella at least their talent is being somewhat appreciated.