Sellers can’t leave negative feedback on eBay! BULLSHIT!

Articles | By on Jun 6th, 2008

The latest bullshit on eBay is that sellers can’t leave negative feedback for a dead-beat buyer. This new policy is beyond stupid and it’s going to hurt the website in the end because so many sellers will start to leave the site. So what happens when you get a deadbeat buyer and he doesn’t pay for the item, or doesn’t want the item anymore after that user pays for it? You just have to suck it up, pay for the service charge and relist the item and HOPE someone buys it back for that same price? You can’t warn other sellers of buyers who don’t pay or give you a hard time.

The latest thing I had to deal with is some buyer who wanted a DVD that was brand new and sealed. First he wanted a big box to have the DVD in; I usually ship with envelopes that I recycle from when I get stuff mailed to me. But ok, I provided that for him. Then he was asking every other day when the DVD was shipped and when did I ship it out. The original auction said first class mail but since he changed the shipping demands, I shipped it by media mail. It’s cheaper for me, plus the box was too big for first class. This buyer throws a hissy fit and said he didn’t pay for that, and needs it quickly for a gift. Hmm, you should have mentioned that before I sent out the DVD dipshit. Then the guy finally gets the DVD and tells me it’s dented and not in excellent condition like I said it was. That’s news to me since I packaged it up and looked fine to me. I can’t help what our lovely United States Postal Service does with the mail I send. He wants me to send him a new DVD and doesn’t want to pay for it. I don’t have another DVD; I’m not a freakin’ store! Eventually he tells me he just exchanged it at a store for another DVD and I was “off the hook.” How about you’re off the hook since I CAN’T LEAVE YOU FUCKING NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for being such a pain in the ass!!

This is the type of crap sellers have to deal with a lot of the times and now we can’t warn other people about it. And people who don’t pay, I send out an unpaid item request and then block the user. But you can’t do anything else after that. Whoever thought of this latest policy on eBay is a fucking retard. Hopefully they will fix this situation soon or eBay is gonna go out of business.


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