Sirius XM Sucks!

Articles | Dec 1st, 2008

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Sirius and XM recently merged and Im not too happy about it. I was pissed off when XM decided to remove Fungus 53 from the lineup and replace it with 24 hours of ACDC. Because what the world needs is more ACDC on the radio! Their management heard loads of complaints from punk fans, and their response that there is still something for us to listen to on the other stations. Hmm, right.

Two weeks ago Sirius merged with XM and I had to update all my favorites. It appears that every station that was on Sirius is on Sirius XM now….

While others might have liked the stations on Sirius, I didnt and thats why I picked XM. I liked Fungus 53, The Virus Opie and Anthony, Cinemagic, The Joint, NHL Home Ice and a few others. Fungus 53s replacement is a station called The Faction. Yes, they do have punk music on it but you have to suffer through shitty programming and shitty DJs to hear it. They claim to have punk but its the same songs over and over again. I love Rise Against, Pennywise and Mighty Mighty Bosstones; but they DO have other songs besides Re-Education (Through Labor), Western World and This Life. And most of the other punk is whiny, sissy screamo music. When it comes down to it, this station is K-Rock.

Music fans fears have become a reality because Satellite Radio has become corporate radio again. No longer will you be able to hear obscure punk rock or ska music (although XM was lacking in ska too!). Besides the Bosstones, ska is non-existent on the new platform. Ive yet to hear anything other than the Bosstones. Ive tried to give Faction a chance, but when you hear a punk song, and then hear Linkin Park or Mudvayne next; the station is just un-listenable. The station is targeted towards skaters and people who think Bam Margera is cool, who also happens to be a DJ on the station as well. Yeah, I really want to hear someone talk out the side of his mouth for a few hours.

Since my taste in music isnt just punk, I try to give the other stations a shot. I thought it was cool that they added BBC Radio 1 and love UK music. Except they play Katy Perry every 2 seconds or some other pop shit. Maybe I just need to find a better show on there that plays bands like Kaiser Chiefs and Hard-Fi more frequently? Doesnt the UK have Radio 2 and Radio 3 that play more of that, maybe they should add those stations instead? Sirius XMU is the indie rock station and while I like some of the music on there, most of it is crap and only hipsters would love. At 12pm, they have blog radio but most of those blogs play crappy music. You can hear some old punk from the 70s on Little Stevens Underground Garage station but from what I heard, its obviously more garage rock than anything. The other stations that play rock are hard rock, metal/nu-metal driven and an exact replica of K-Rock. You can tell Mel Karmazin is behind everything at Satellite Radio now.

I think if it wasnt for Opie and Anthony, Id be ditching my Satellite Radio. But then again, I couldnt stand listening to them during the elections. It was unbearable to hear them talk politics and having to listen to their right-wing point of views. Its okay to bash Obama once and awhile, but having to hear Anthony bitch about him everyday before he even gets in office is just painful. But they still make me laugh and a lot better than Howard Stern (who XM subscribers need to pay for). Usually when I cant find anything else on the radio (most of the time), I put on the classic rock, oldies stations but you can hear that on free terrestrial radio.

So I dont really see the justification of owning a Sirius XM Radio unit in my car anymore when Im going to be playing my mp3 player instead. What people are paying for right now is corporate radio that plays the same shit over and over again. The one reason why people went to Satellite radio was to get away from that and commercials. Now its back again, and Im sure more commercials will be even more noticeable when subscribers starts to decline. What people can do is send a big fuck you to Sirius XM and Terrestrial Radio and just listen to their mp3 players. What you get with an mp3 player is music you want to hear, no annoying DJs, and no commercials! Sounds like a good deal to me, and you dont have to pay extra to hear the same shit you can hear on terrestrial radio!


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