Snap Judgments of Rush Albums I’ve Never Heard Before (All Of Them)

Articles | Apr 20th, 2017

Snap Judgments of Rush Albums I Never Heard Before (All Of Them)

I never listened to any Rush albums. I’ve heard that one popular song and that other one from that movie, but not an entire album. I decided to look at Rush’s discography and give my snap judgments on the albums just based on the album titles and covers. Send hate mail here.

Rush (1974)

The band couldn’t even come up with an album title for their first album!

Fly by Night (1975)

This album consist of nothing but songs about snow owls. Wait ‘til you hear Neil Peart’s drum solo on the track “Hoo Hoooo!”

Caress of Steel (1975)

It only took 3 albums for them to name an album that sounds like a porn.

2112 (1976)

This was released in 1976. Why couldn’t they do something easy and call this 1976?

A Farewell to Kings (1977)

The rejected Lord of the Rings concept album for the awful animated movie.

Hemispheres (1978)

No idea what this album could be about when it’s got naked David Bowie on the cover.

Permanent Waves (1980)

Silly Canadians, waves aren’t permanent.

Moving Pictures (1981)

Man, I knew Rush were old but didn’t know they were old enough to remember when film began!

Signals (1982)

Signals to spot a Rush fan: clammy hands, stench of maple syrup, awkward mumbling to themselves and a mullet.

Grace Under Pressure (1984)

Must be high on LSD to appreciate.

Power Windows (1985)

I guess power windows were a revolutionary thing back in 1985.

Hold Your Fire (1987)

This must be in reference to that other guy in the band’s dragon breathe?

Presto (1989)

Their highly influential concept album for magicians.

Roll the Bones (1991)

Rush has so many albums that they even have an entire album of sea shanties! My personal favorite songs are “The Coasts of Thunder Bay” and “Drunken Sailor, Eh.”

Counterparts (1993)

This is the album they sing their love of Barenaked Ladies.

Test for Echo (1996)

Geddy Lee’s echo probably sounds like a reverbed chipmunk.

Vapor Trails (2002)

Vapor Trails is about when people hear a Rush song in a room and quickly leave to get that noise out of their brains.

Feedback (2004)

Here’s some feedback: Geddy Lee sounds like Ann Wilson of Heart.

Snakes & Arrows (2007)

Can’t believe they wrote the music for Snakes On A Plane!

Clockwork Angels (2012)

Filled with references to droogies and ultra-violence. Rush is Inspecter 7 now?


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